How Asset Tagging And Management Can Help With Remote Working

With more and more people turning to remote working, it has become more difficult to track and manage business-critical assets. Many people are working from home, which means assets are moving much more frequently, and when assets move, they’re more likely to be misplaced or go missing.

This is where asset tagging and management comes in. Asset tagging and management allows you to keep track of your fixed asset register with ease, allowing you to ensure that your colleagues have everything they need to fulfil their duties.

With asset tagging and management, you’ll be able to:

  • See what your business owns
  • Track asset-related finances
  • Assign assets to your colleagues to see who is responsible for what
  • Export your fixed asset register for insurance and financial purposes


How Does Asset Tagging And Management Work?

Asset tagging and management is the procedure of tagging your assets with asset tags and linking these physical assets with digital doubles.

On these doubles, you’ll be able to add all of your asset data and information. So, you’ll be able to create a digital double of all of your IT assets and view related information, such as where your laptops are and who is using them.

This is great when it comes to remote working, or even for construction equipment asset tracking, as you’ll be able to be in one place while your assets are taken care of elsewhere.

Asset tags come in by allowing you to link your physical assets with their digital copies. Simply scan an asset’s tag into your asset tracking software and start tracking, updating, and editing asset information.

Tagging and Tracking with QR Code Asset Tags

The Benefits Of Sharing Asset Tracking Software

The main benefit we have in the 21st century is connectivity and shareability. We can all remain connected when we’re at home and still perform our duties and communicate with our colleagues.

With asset tagging and management, it’s no different. It would’ve been more difficult in the past to track your assets remotely as the responsibility would fall on a minimal number of people.

With shareable asset tracking software, you’ll be able to track and update asset information as a team, automating a lot of your asset operations.

Everyone can share the load, updating your IT asset register automatically and with ease.

itemit’s Asset Tagging And Management System

itemit’s asset tagging and management system has a myriad of benefits, from shareability to unique and helpful features.

It’s easy to tailor itemit towards remote working as features such as assignee and equipment check in check out functionality allows you to keep a robust audit trail, even when your colleagues are remote.

Overall, with itemit, you’ll be able to do more with ease, keeping an eye on what’s important and verifying that your colleagues are happy and well equipped.

To find out more about itemit’s asset tracking software, you’ll be able to book a demo using the button below.

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