Asset Management Made Simple: How RFID Tags Can Help

Asset Management Made Simple: How RFID Tags Can Help

Asset management is a vital part of any business. Being able to manage your assets well isn’t as easy as you’d think, however. The good news is that RFID tags can make a big difference in asset management. As long as a reliable and modern asset register format is used in conjunction with RFID tags most, if not all businesses will benefit.

What Are RFID Tags?

So what exactly are RFID tags and how can they help? The answer is quite simple. These tags are quite small but the work they do is very important. Containing a small aerial and with the ability to receive and transmit information, tags such as these are ideal if you wish to successfully track your assets. 

Please make sure that before you order your tags you’re using or have signed up to use an asset register format that’s compatible. Not every asset register out there is capable of working with RFID tags.

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Why RFID Tags Are The Better Option

RFID tags are very popular and it looks as though their popularity is increasing still. This may well be because they are very reliable and easy to use. Even though every little tag is full of technology they work well all of the time. Radio frequencies are picked up and transmitted allowing users to easily track their assets. As a result, asset management is easier than it has ever been. As long as a compatible asset register format is used, RFID tags can prove to be highly effective. 

Did you know that you do not have to pick up an asset in order to scan the tag? As long as the tag is close by it can be scanned. Imagine being able to easily detect and manage an asset without having to hunt for it in a box of other assets, for example. You can simply switch your software on and locate nearby assets. Select the asset you wish to manage and you’re good to go.

Asset Management Made Simple

Asset management is very simple when you use RFID tags. This is simply because you will be able to track your assets in new and unique ways. You don’t just have the opportunity to see where your assets are, you can also see which team member is using them. 

As soon as you log into your new asset register format/software for the first time you’ll start creating data. When you scan an asset and make a digital profile you’ll create data. Data is created all of the time so that you can get an accurate picture of your assets. Your data can help you to understand how your assets are used in many different ways. You may also be able to see your business in a whole new light. When you know how your assets are used, when invoices are paid, and when something breaks down you have more control. Having more control over your assets helps you to fine tune your business.

GPS Technology And RFID Tags

Now let’s talk about the use of GPS technology and RFID tags. This technology can help you to manage your assets in a range of ways. Not only can you see where everything is but you can also understand where your assets need to be. You could, for example, have too many vehicles in one location and not enough in another. When you have this information to hand you could send the right number of vehicles to the other location. This could mean that location number 2 starts to be more productive. This is all thanks to the use of GPS technology. Knowing where everything is and being able to see if the correct assets are in the correct location is priceless.

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How To Track Your Assets

So, how can your new asset register format help you to track your assets? It’s simple. As soon as you affix an RFID tag to an asset and scan it the tracking begins.

Tips For Managing Your Assets When Using RFID Tags

When it comes to managing your assets while using RFID tags you may find that you have a lot of options/features. Below, you can find a few tips that could make life easier:

  • Scan the assets in one location and move to the next when you’re done
  • Keeping the process simple ensures all assets are added to the register
  • Set up a maintenance/repair schedule for your assets
  • Access your chosen asset register format via an app and/or your online portal
  • Ask your team to check assets in and out so you know who has what 
  • Organise everything into collections so you can find them more easily 

Use the above tips to help make asset management easier thanks to the use of RFID tags. 



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