Asset Management and Tracking Tools What are the best tools and features?

What are the best asset management and tracking tools and features? This really does depend on what you need to achieve. Do you need to increase the visibility of what assets the business has and where they are? Do you need a better way to manage equipment maintenance? Or do you just need a fixed asset register that you can rely on? No matter what your requirements, there’s a feature and solution available that will make all this and much more possible.

The itemit asset management and tracking tool has been designed to help as many businesses solve their asset management problems as possible. We’ve built a complete solution from the core of needing to track and manage assets, so that now maintenance and equipment tracking, bookings and check in check out, are all possible at the touch of a button.

Let’s run through some of the best features on offer.


Track Your Assets’ Locations with GPS Trackers and QR Code Tags

The main feature and possibly the core of your asset management and tracking tools will be tracking the location of your assets. 

There are a few methods to do this, and it’ll depend on which type of asset tag you’re opting to use. If you have a continued problem with assets that get lost or stolen, GPS tags may be the ideal tagging option for you. If you want to know where assets are and can reply on this being recorded by staff and engineers scanning your assets, then QR code asset tags can be a great low-cost tag choice.

At itemit, we believe that in most cases, a combination of tag types may be required to achieve the ultimate asset tracking solution. Once your assets are tagged, you’ll get a complete view of where your assets are, where they’ve been, and who has been using them. A great benefit of QR codes is that itemit has an in-built scanner, so you don’t need to purchase any additional devices or hardware. Every scan of a QR code will update your asset’s location, allowing you to run reports and audit where your assets have been.


tracking location with asset mangement and tracking tools


GPS, on the other hand, fills in the gaps. QR code asset tags show last seen locations so that you can audit and make business-centric decisions. GPS tagging shows you where assets are, reducing theft, improving retrieval times, and giving you total control over your assets.


Tracking Assets in Bulk

The benefit of asset management and tracking tools is that all of your assets are unique. This way, you can track equipment maintenance against the specific asset that requires it or add warranties and instruction manuals to necessary assets.

However, most asset management and tracking tools may stop here. It’s not practical to only track an asset one at a time in every circumstance, so the best features will involve some handy bulk tracking functionality.

quick add with asset tracking and management

So, if a group of assets are moving from a warehouse to a construction site, you’ll be able to use hierarchical locations to record this change and update it quickly. Or, if you’re using IT asset management software, knowing who has which laptops, phones, and computers can help with onboarding and with moves to and from the office.


More Asset Management and Tracking Tools

There are many more asset management and tracking tools that you may be looking for, and these may be more specific to your industry.

The best asset tracking systems will have been built on industry knowledge and needs, so the ability to track maintenance, bookings, and run reports should already be integrated.

These additional features will allow you to view quickly where all of your assets are, where they’ve been, who’s been using them, and what state they’re in. Having this knowledge gives you more power over your finances, and helps you save buckets of time and money.

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