asset management system and global disruption

The world changed this year. What’s happening is unprecedented. Whether or not life will truly return to normal any time soon has been thrown into question. 

Undeniably, how business is conducted has changed. With recruitment stagnating in some places, and with more companies looking inwards to decide what’s necessary, there are a few lessons that have already emerged.

From overcommunicating to ensuring everything you need is running smoothly, it’s clear that an asset management system can help. Whether you’re working remotely or are an essential worker, asset tracking software can increase productivity, accountability, and transparency at a time where these things can no longer be taken for granted.


One: Overcommunicate

The itemit team have been working remotely for over five weeks now. We’ve been forced to adapt, much like every other business that’s still running at the moment and so we thought we’d share with you some of the things we’ve learned so far.

We’ve learned to overcommunicate what we’re working on. In an office environment, it’s a lot easier to see when someone is busy. You just have to look over and see them tuned in with headphones on. Now, it’s a lot easier to add to someone’s workload because you can’t see the progress happening across from you.

Add to that the isolation many of us are experiencing and it’s understandable that a little overcommunication could go along way to boosting morale and keeping the team spirit alive. We’ve opted for the odd houseparty quiz afternoon and have scheduled in coffee and cake breaks to give us that precious time together that isn’t focused solely on work.


Two: Knowing Who Has Which Assets Increases Productivity

When things were changing, we used our asset management system to see which devices and equipment were available for the team to take home. We even did a dry-run and trialled working from home when we could tell something very serious was afoot. We have a fixed asset tagging strategy already in place and our assets are QR tagged so it was quick and pain-free to find each piece of kit and assign to members of the team

Thanks to already having asset tracking software, this meant we had instant full visibility over who had taken which assets home. Location tracking allowed us to verify that it had gotten there safely.

This meant that if someone was missing a monitor, it could be rectified as a team. The increase in productivity was evident when everyone had the laptop, monitor, monitor stands, and tester devices that they required. A solution like ours gives you full visibility over not just IT hardware but all equipment, tools and machinery within the business

Sharing our asset tracking software within the business has helped with the visibility of what’s being worked on. As well as conducting daily meetings on Zoom, we can see who has which tester phones and tablets and, therefore, who is able to test which new asset tracking features!.


Three: No Asset Left Behind

The final thing we’ve learned is that with asset tracking software, you can ensure that everything that needs to be taken home is taken home, and more.

With an effective asset management system, we had the luxury of overpreparing. After staple assets, such as IT assets and other fundamental, work-related equipment, were accounted for, we could then turn to additional fixed assets.

Asset tracking software allowed us to account for everything, and over the course of a couple of days, everything that was and will be needed was safely home with the person that needs it.


Looking to the Future

We are very much looking forward to when things begin to return to normal. And when they do, we’ll all check in our equipment back to the office. This way, we can verify that everything has returned to the correct place.

With the government saying that lockdown and social distancing measures may remain in place somewhat over the course of the year, an asset management system is essential to ensure your assets are taken to and from the office correctly.


A bit of Positivity

As a team, we try to see the positives in any situation, and we do all we can to help wherever possible. We have partnered with the University of Cambridge to track PPE stocks and manage the distribution to Addenbrooke’s hospital. The system is live and used every day to help get critical PPE to the hospital. Read more here about our Cambridge PPE Tracking.

To find out more about how our asset tracking software can help you save time and increase productivity in this uncertain time, you can email us at or fill in the form below.

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