Asset Management and the Ease of Lockdown

With the sun shining outside and what feels like the beginning of the lift on the current lockdown restrictions (although we’ll await the government’s update later today before getting too excited!), it’s time to start thinking about what’s to come. We’re all very excited to start shopping again, to enjoy a bit of summer, and to see our loved ones.

So, with the early signs of a move towards going back to work for many, it’s time to start considering plans and processes that need to be in place to allow us all to continue to abide by Government guidelines. Along with many other key measures, it may also be time to start considering an asset management solution to help ease this transition. Let’s take a look at some of the key aspects we should all consider.


Track and Trace

The government recently unveiled a new track and trace system which hopes to localise lockdowns. Instead of the country, households, places of work, and individuals will be notified to self-isolate to keep that now-infamous R number down.

The new method aims to cut down infection transmission by 50%, meaning that we can go back to takeaway coffees, pubs, and socialising as soon as possible.

With this in mind, and with ideas of tracking, is it time to start your own asset tracking and management?

If you want to learn more about using itemit to help the fight, check out how you can use itemit in the response against COVID-19.


The New Normal

First of all, the “new normal” has become a buzzword. 2020 has been a year that’s shifted through a few ideas of what “normal” is. When it comes to working from home to spending more time with friends and family online, a lot of this might continue. Asset management can help you if you’re working from home.

Using QR code asset tags helps you see where assets are, so you can verify at a given moment that all of your employees have everything they need.

Knowing which assets your employees have access to using our assignee feature keeps a level of accountability that you risk losing when you start working remotely.

Assign Assets to your Colleagues

Phased returns to an office or rotating employees mean that assets will move a lot more frequently, too, and so asset management can help you track these movements to and from the office. itemit is highly effective as IT asset management software, so you’ll be in safe hands!


Hygiene and Hospitality

Asset management can also help you keep everything clean. Facilities management is one of the many industries benefiting from asset tracking software, and this relates to cleanliness.

But, with cleanliness becoming something more scrutinised across all industries, a lot of the facilities management processes which asset management can help with can be translated to coffee shops, pubs, bars, anything!

Using reminders, issues management, comments, and other asset management processes helps you track when things were last cleaned and if they’re appropriate for use.

Your inventory and fixed assets are also crucial when it comes to reusing equipment, such as cups and cutlery. A bespoke fixed asset register helps you track and manage your assets with ease!


Charity Shops and Asset Management

Finally, it’s unclear at the moment what’s about to happen with charity shops. It’s predicted there’ll be a deluge of donations to charity shops which means asset management will become crucial in tracking this stock.

With many people donating their lockdown sweatpants and other clothes after general spring cleaning, asset management can help ease the load charity shops will receive.

New stock will need to be quarantined for 72 hours, too, so you’ll be able to use an asset management system with a reminders feature to track and manage when stock comes in, and when it’s ready to be sorted and put onto shelves.

Charities can also get a discounted price for using itemit! All you need to do is contact us or fill in the form below.

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