The Future Of IT Asset Management And Emerging Technologies

The Future Of IT Asset Management And Emerging Technologies

These days, we all rely on a wide range of technologies in the workplace. From using modern laptop inventory management to tablets and computers, every workplace already uses a lot of technologies.

But what is it that the future holds for us? What emerging technologies are we likely to see in the future? We’re going to explore this subject shortly. However, before we do, we’ll take a look at some current technologies that have recently made their way into the workplace.

Current Technology: GPS

GPS has been around for a while. Drivers almost everywhere use this technology to help them reach their destination. In the workplace, GPS is increasingly used in laptop inventory management to help users locate their laptops. This technology makes for very easy laptop retrieval, in addition to boosting security.

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Current Technology: RFID

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a relatively new technology. The use of RFID tags is increasingly found on laptops and other assets that need to be tracked. This is all part of laptop inventory management and like GPS, it enables users to locate their laptops. However, RFID tags can contact a lot of information about those laptops, such as when they were purchased, who is using the laptop, and so much more. 

RFID tags can be very convenient to use as they can quickly be scanned and any previously added information can be retrieved when required.

Emerging Technology: Augmented Reality (AR)

In years to come, augmented reality may be commonplace in the workplace. It could be used to help people to search for a machine’s identifying information. It may be used to help maintenance teams understand what’s wrong with a vehicle. Augmented reality could also be used to help you search for a space in your warehouse. 

It’s likely that AR will slowly but surely make its way into the workplace, ensuring that tasks can be completed at a faster rate.

Emerging Technology: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The world of laptop inventory management may change dramatically in the not-too-distant future. This could be thanks to the fact that artificial intelligence is now available almost everywhere. Although this technology is still in its infancy, it appears to have a lot to offer. 

The use of inventory management software in the next few years could be quite different. AI could make it so much easier to locate laptops that have gone astray. Working out which tablets and printers need to be moved to a new location could be simpler. Ensuring only the right people have access to the right assets could be a relative breeze. 

AI could help with the likes of security, location detection, data creation, and so much more. In just a few years’ time, you could find that your inventory management system is almost fully controlled by AI. 

What this means is that you could rely on artificial intelligence to help you to track assets while you get on with other tasks. As a result, your business could become even more efficient and your team could be more productive. This can only be a good thing for all businesses involved.

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Using Inventory Management Tools Alongside Emerging Technologies

Using inventory management tools alongside emerging technologies is possible. As long as you use laptop inventory management software that is reliable and frequently updated you’re good to go. You need to use software that will offer you everything that you need now and in the future. When you do, you could find that those repetitive manual tasks are a thing of the past. 


  • You could find that you have access to a lot more data about your business
  • It’s possible that  laptops and other assets could be much safer at all times
  • You may know where all of your assets are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • It’s possible that your business could become more productive
  • You may gain a better insight into your customer’s needs 
  • It’s possible that you may gain a better insight as to how your assets are used 


All of the above and more could be a part of your workplace’s future if you choose to use emerging technologies to your advantage. Of course, there will undoubtedly be technologies that we have not even thought of yet. However, some exciting ones could be coming into fruition as you read this. 


The world of technology is an exciting one and it’s up to us to wait and see what emerges. Then, if it’s possible, we could make use of those technologies. If we do, it’s likely that the future of IT asset management is going to be even better. 

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