The Advantages Of Using IT Asset Management Software

The Advantages Of Using IT Asset Management Software

Using an IT asset management system will allow you to have more control over your IT assets. Additionally, it can help you to understand those assets in more detail. If this was not enough of an incentive, using a management system such as this could also save you time and money. 

Did you know that you could also get your money’s worth out of each asset? This is because each asset will be maintained on a regular basis, ensuring it works well for you.

How IT Asset Management Software Works

Software such as this lets you create individual profiles for each asset. The profiles can be full to the brim of useful information about each asset. For example, you could add the asset’s warranty and insurance information. You may also wish to mention where you purchased the computer and how much you paid for it. Additionally, it may be worth adding the PAT testing dates. 

Software such as this can help you to have more control over your IT assets. An IT asset management system can even help you to understand your business on a new level. You could, for example, create and export reports based on the data that the system generates. With this information, you could see how often your laptops are being used and by whom.

Business Asset Tracking

Managing IT Software

Any IT asset management system that’s worth its weight in gold will allow you to track your IT software. It will also allow you to set reminders so you can renew your software subscriptions or choose another service provider. 

You may not consider your software to be an asset as software isn’t a physical object. However, it absolutely is an asset as it’s something you use every working day. 

Did you know that you can track who logs into the software and when? You can see how many times people log in and you can even limit access to the software. You may also find it useful to add contact information to each digital profile. Information such as this could include the software’s helpline number and email, and so on. This could prove to be very useful should there be an issue with the software or you simply wish to renew your subscription.

The Clear Advantages of Using An IT Asset Management System

There are many advantages associated with using a management system. Some of these advantages include:

  • The ability to see where your assets are all day, every day
  • Being able to set up a maintenance schedule so your assets are taken care of
  • Offering you the chance to access each asset’s profile via a laptop, tablet, phone, or computer
  • Being able to set up PAT test reminders
  • Allowing you to log into your online portal no matter where you are 
  • The ability to schedule reminders so you’re alerted when subscriptions need renewing
  • Being able to create and export reports based on the data that’s been created 
  • The ability to save money due to being able to track your assets

Every IT asset management system comes with its own advantages. However, many modern systems offer some or all of the above advantages. All you need to do is find one that offers you exactly what you’re looking for. 

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