Why Your Business Should Have An IT Inventory

Why Your Business Should Have An IT Inventory

All businesses need to keep an inventory so they know what they have in stock. When it comes to having an IT inventory, however, many businesses fail to have one. The issue with this is that IT equipment can be very expensive. Additionally, when IT equipment fails, it can potentially cost a lot of money to replace it. 

Thanks to the way that itemit’s software works, businesses can successfully create an IT inventory. This inventory can benefit each business in many different ways. Here’s how:

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IT Equipment’s Life Span is Extended

As soon as every piece of equipment is added to the inventory, it has a potentially longer life span. This is thanks to the fact that a maintenance schedule can be added. Whenever there is an issue with some equipment, users can log the issue into itemit’s menu. When this occurs, the maintenance team will receive an alert. As a result, the equipment will be in the queue for maintenance.

Regular maintenance can ensure that equipment’s lifespan is increased. Issues can be dealt with much quicker than they otherwise would. What this means is that IT equipment is more likely to be in a good state of repair and therefore, last longer.

The Location of Equipment Can Be Tracked

When IT equipment is added to the inventory, it will be possible to track it. Using an QR code on every piece of equipment will show its last-known location. This feature can prove to be very useful when laptops and tablets, for example, are taken off site. By simply logging into itemit’s menu, users can see where the laptops are at all times. 

There is a real potential here for lost or stolen items to be retrieved. An additional benefit of location tracking is the fact that lost or stolen assets may not need to be replaced. Therefore, costs are lowered and funds can be used elsewhere.

IT Equipment Can Be Booked in Advance

If every business always had the IT equipment that is needed, it could mean that jobs could be undertaken a little quicker. However, as every business owner no doubt knows, IT equipment can be costly. When using itemit, users can book equipment in advance, allowing employees to have access when they need it. An additional benefit of this booking feature is that it’s possible to see when more equipment needs to be purchased. This in itself can help to keep costs down as managers can see just how many printers, for example, need to be purchased.

Equipment Can Be Assigned

It’s crucial that every employee has the tools that they need to get their tasks completed. Here is where itemit can help. itemit allows users to assign equipment as and when it’s required. In addition to this, it is possible to see which employees have the equipment they need and which ones don’t. 

Users of the IT equipment will also feel more responsible for the laptops, etc. that they use. This ultimately means that there could be fewer breakages and losses.

New Equipment Can Be Added Quickly

It is possible to quickly add new equipment to the IT inventory. Thanks to the way that itemit’s menus are set out, it’s so easy to add those new tablets and printers to the system. By simply adding an RFID tag or QR code to the new equipment, it can be added to the IT inventory. Users can then update the inventory with the equipment’s details such as the:

  • Name and model number
  • Serial number
  • Insurance details
  • Instructions for use 
  • Cost of purchase
  • Date of purchase
  • Estimated life span
  • Current estimated value
  • Maintenance schedule

Photographs of the equipment can also be added if required. This can help with fast identification. Thanks to the way that itemit’s IT inventory software works, every piece of IT equipment can be tracked. Equipment can be found very quickly and used just as quickly. There will be no need to ask every member of the team if they know where the equipment is. As a result, more work is likely to be carried out. This ultimately means that a business can be even more productive.

Use itemit’s IT Inventory Software For Your Business

If you would like to have access to easy-to-use software that can help you track all of your IT equipment, itemit can help. itemit’s IT inventory software makes tracking very easy. Additionally, it ensures that creating an inventory is very easy. It helps to remove all of the hard work associated with tracking IT equipment. 

To find out more about our inventory software please contact our helpful team at team@itemit.com. Alternatively, you may wish to start a 14-day Free Trial to see just how well our inventory software can work for you.

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