Why Use A Fixed Asset Register?

Why Use A Fixed Asset Register?

You may have heard that using a fixed asset register can help your business immensely. However, you may not have heard exactly why a register such as this can help. Don’t worry, here at itemit, we understand that knowing how a fixed asset register can make all the difference. 

Below, you will find details of just some of the advantages of using our asset register.

You Can Keep Track Of All Of Your Assets

When you use itemit’s fixed asset register you can keep track of all of your assets all of the time. It really is possible for you to track your fixed assets 24 hours a day. This means that you can see where they are located and how they are performing. 

While it may seem sensible to track the location of non-fixed assets, fixed assets can also be tracked in this way. If, for example, you have multiple fixed assets in your warehouse or factory, finding them can be hard. However, thanks to the unique way that our software works, you can see where these assets are. As a result, it is possible for you to find them quickly.

Your team will no longer have to go searching for the assets in question. They can be located within moments. All that team members have to do is to select the chosen asset from the menu and its last-known location will be shown. Therefore, the asset can be found with ease. 

Did you know that you can also see who the last person to use the asset was? You can also see where and why the asset was used and how long for.

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Fewer Assets Will Go Missing

When you use our fixed asset register software, you can track non-fixed assets, should you wish to. If and when you choose to, you could find that fewer assets go missing. This is likely to be because the users of such assets know that they are being tracked. They also know that they need to check the assets in and out every time. In other words, it is clear that they are responsible for the asset. Therefore, assets are less likely to go missing and more likely to be looked after well. 

The money that your business spends replacing lost or stolen assets every year could fall. This ensures that the much-needed money can be diverted to another department or simply saved.

You Can Understand The Real Value Of Your Business

When you have a comprehensive list of all of your assets it’s possible to understand the real value of your business. Our asset register takes the guesswork out of understanding the value of your business. Instead, you’re much more likely to have a clearer picture of your business’s value. When you do, you can make more informed decisions about every area of your business. As a result, your business can have a real opportunity to thrive.

Your Whole Team Can Be More Productive

Whenever you use a fixed asset register you allow your team to be more productive. They can, for example:

  • Locate machinery and computers, etc more quickly 
  • Understand how fixed assets are performing at the touch of a button 
  • Export and print reports so management can see how each asset is performing 
  • Communicate issues with other team members at the touch of a button
  • And so much more 

Helping to reduce the need for paperwork, itemit’s asset register can help. Many businesses and organisations all over the globe now use itemit to help with their day-to-day running. This is something you can do too.

Did you know that if an asset becomes damaged you can message the maintenance team via our software? This process takes moments and it results in the assets being repaired sooner rather than later. It also results in a business having fewer ghost assets. These are assets that are accounted for but never used as they are in a poor state of repair. You can potentially eliminate ghost assets by using our asset register all day, every day.

Use itemit’s Fixed Asset Register Today

When you need a fixed asset register that works well you need to use itemit’s asset register. With many features and an abundance of advantages, our asset register software could be exactly what you need. 

When you have more control over all of your assets your business is likely to run more smoothly. Reach out to our friendly and helpful team today to ask them just how well our software can work for you and your business. You can contact our team at: team@itemit.com. Alternatively, you could always choose to start using our software today. Simply complete the form below so you can make the most of our 14-day free trial.

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