Why Small Businesses Will Benefit From RFID Tracking

Why Small Businesses Will Benefit From RFID Tracking

Tracking your inventory can be quite a challenge. This is particularly the case if you have a lot of assets in a lot of locations. Even in this day and age, some small or even large businesses still use paper-based or even spreadsheet-based asset tracking. Unfortunately, these methods can result in errors being created. Tracking your assets manually is never a good idea. Many businesses have now realised this and they have instead opted to use RFID asset tracking. This is simply because tracking your assets this way is more reliable and it comes with many benefits. 

 Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons why your small business can benefit from tracking assets with RFID tags.

It Can Help To Prevent Mistakes

We have already seen that some errors can be made when you rely on spreadsheets or paper-based tracking. This is because we humans make mistakes even when we try really hard not to. Mistakes happen and they could be perfectly innocent. However, they can also be costly and potentially prevent your business from being successful. 

When you use RFID asset tracking every single thing is automated. What this means is that 99% of those errors can be avoided. It also means that you could see a vast improvement in your workflow. 

One of the benefits of RFID tracking is that it allows multiple people to access the software at once. When this occurs more people can complete important tasks sooner rather than later. This can only be a good thing. Let’s move on to the subject of real-time data.

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You Will Get Access To Real-Time Data

These days, data is king. RFID asset tracking can realistically help you to get access to real-time data. Access is available because your software will show you exactly what is and has been happening. For example, as soon as an asset has been removed from the storage area records will automatically be updated. A result of this is that you will get up-to-date information about how many assets you have in the storage area. Being able to access data in this way ensures that you can make better, data-driven decisions.

Your Team Will Become More Productive

It’s only natural that you want your team to become more productive. The more productive they are, the better the outcome. This is where using RFID asset tracking can really help. When you have a tool/software that automates a range of processes your team may have less to do. They may no longer need to undertake those time consuming tasks such as looking for specific assets in the inventory. Looking for equipment that has been misplaced can also be a thing of the past. All that you and your team need to do is rely on your tracking tool to complete those mundane tasks. You and your team can get on with everything else, helping to boost productivity.

Accountability Will Be Increased

When you and your team start using an RFID asset tracking tool you’ll increase accountability. You will always know who is using which asset and who used it before them. You can also see when an asset gets damaged or is misplaced. This is thanks to the data that your new tool/software creates. Your team will know that you track all of your small business assets. Consequently, they are much more likely to take care of them. A result of this means that you’ll spend less money replacing assets that would have been lost or damaged. 

Being able to lower your costs is something that every small (and large) business wants to do. The reality is that it’s possible when you choose to track your assets using RFID tags. While you may not save millions, it’s likely that you’ll save a good amount every year. You could, therefore, spend the money elsewhere, helping your business to grow.

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Assets Can Easily Be Tracked

Small businesses can benefit from using RFID asset tracking in many different ways. However, one of the best ways revolves around tracking the location of your assets. 

As soon as an RFID tag is stuck on an asset it can be tracked. What this means is you can see each asset’s location at any time. When you track an asset’s location you’re a lot less likely to lose it. Additionally, you can see whether the asset is on its way to or has arrived in the correct location. Spreadsheets and paper cannot do this. 

Imagine being able to see the exact location of your assets. This is possible when you use asset tracking software for your small business. 



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