Who Needs Fixed Asset Register Software?

Fixed asset register software can help you save time and money. Automate your operations by managing asset-related data and finances. With fixed asset register software, you’ll be able to keep a clear eye on what you own and what its status is.

Implementing asset tracking procedures benefits your business by:

  • Helping you keep track of what you own
  • Mitigating issues such as asset loss or a lack of accountability
  • Enabling you to run speedy audits to verify that your assets are accounted for

So, who can fixed asset register software help? The answer is simple, anyone with fixed assets in their business.


How Does Fixed Asset Register Software Work?

Fixed asset register software allows you to create unique digital doubles of your assets. On these digital profiles, you’ll be able to add relevant information, such as who is responsible for assets, as well as depreciation information and costs.

You’ll be able to use fixed asset tagging to link your physical assets with their digital profiles, too. Fixed asset tagging is the simple process of adding a fixed asset tag to your physical assets and then scanning them into your asset tracking app.

Tagging and Tracking with QR Code Asset Tags

After this, every time you scan an asset’s tag, the asset’s digital profile will open up, ready for you to view, add, or amend any data. The last seen location will also update whenever you scan an asset’s tag, as well as the user who scanned the tag. This way, you’ll create a visible audit trail of where your assets have been.


The Type Of Businesses That Need Asset Tracking

A wide range of businesses can benefit from asset tracking. As fixed asset register software is customisable, and as you can add your own assets, you can tailor your procedures to your needs.

So, if you’re looking for construction equipment asset management, for example, you’ll be able to log your asset data in your fixed asset register software. Then, you can track crucial information such as maintenance data and manage issues via your asset tracking system.

If you’re working in an office or from home, you’ll be able to use your fixed asset register software for IT asset management processes. This way, you’ll be able to verify that your equipment is up to date and that your colleagues have everything they need to perform their tasks.

Overall, if your business has assets, you’ll be able to create more transparency and accountability around them using fixed asset register software.


Exporting Your Fixed Asset Register

All of your procedures come together with the ability to export your asset register. Using a bespoke and customisable reporting feature, you’ll be able to filter by asset type or status and export pdfs or spreadsheets showing relevant asset data.

This is useful to prove responsible ownership and accountability when it comes to insurance, but it can also assist with your expenses and finances.

Effectively, reporting streamlines your operations and gives you the functionality you need to perform your duties efficiently, accurately and quickly.

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