Where To Find The Best UK Asset Management Software

Where To Find The Best UK Asset Management Software

In recent years, asset management software has gained traction amongst large players within the business landscape. The ability to store data, and to present it in a form that is both simple and easy to understand makes it the ideal choice for many companies aiming to boost their productivity, reduce the presence of ghost assets and improve their decision making.

Whether you’re well-versed with asset management software, or if you’re just trying it out, the biggest – and arguably the most important – question that you’ll face is: “Which asset management software is the best?”

Where To Find The Best UK Asset Management Software

Why Should You Track Your Assets?

Fixed assets play an important role in the business structure. Along with being used for the production of goods and services, fixed assets are often used to discern the position of a business in the market landscape. Scrutinising the trends depicted by the changing values of these assets makes it easier to take better business decisions while not losing sight of the business objectives.

What’s more, keeping a track of your fixed assets can help you identify the inconsistencies in the data. This is accomplished by highlighting abnormal values in the data present within the database.

Lastly, tracking your assets can come in handy in identifying the appreciation and depreciation of the assets themselves. Having all this data ready at your disposal will help you make the best possible decision for the sake of your company.

What is Asset Management Software?

Asset management software is a specialised software solution that consists of a database storing a list of all the fixed assets owned by a company. Popularly known as a fixed asset register, it holds all the important specific details regarding your fixed assets in one place, which helps improve efficiency and boost productivity. 

Asset management software generally holds data such as the asset location, current valuation, depreciation details, and so forth.

Advantages of Asset Management Software

To understand what sets apart asset management software from more conventional means of asset management (pen and paper, spreadsheets), we must first understand the benefits of increasing automation in the business via fixed asset registers. 

From lowering administrative costs and improving customer service to tracking asset maintenance, compared to conventional means of asset management, fixed asset registers come with a wide range of advantages over their predecessors.

The Best UK Asset Management Features

Before delving into the details of itemit’s asset management software’s details, it is important to first understand what a good asset management software really is. Therefore, in the following paragraphs, not only will we explain all about it, but also give you a glimpse of the unique features that itemit’s software solution offers.

Requisites Of A Good Asset Management Software

A good asset management software – in its most rudimentary form – should contain only important and relevant data regarding your assets. It is important that the software contains data that is up to date, and that it presents stored data in a form that aids understanding.

Similarly, asset management software should also provide its users with the ability to track assets and their life cycles, along with reducing the time taken to log details of the assets.

Asset Booking

Bundled with many unique features, itemit’s asset tracking software gives it an upper hand compared to competitors. From allowing booking assets in advance to checking in/checking out equipment, the fixed asset register allows you to create highly detailed and informative exports and reports. These can then be used to analyse and calculate the asset distribution liquidity of the business- both of which are crucial to competitive decision making.

Asset Tracking

Compared to other asset management software available on the market, itemit’s fixed asset register provides you with both, a web portal and iOS/Android mobile apps. These help in boosting portability and let you track your business assets at a moment’s notice. With a built-in GPS tracking system, you can rest at ease knowing exactly where all your assets are distributed.

Life Cycle Tracking

By allowing you to track each individual assets appreciation and depreciation lifecycle, alongside managing their inspection and maintenance schedules, you can place your confidence in itemit’s accurate, up-to-date asset management software. Utilising interactive and expressive graphs aids in understanding, and these can further be used in reports and balance sheets.

Other Powerful Features

Another powerful feature of itemit’s fixed asset register lies in its ability to perform bulk actions. This makes updating asset records a breeze, allowing you to perform actions on multiple assets simultaneously. Not only does it reduce the time taken to update records, but it also helps in reducing human errors in the records stored.

Furthermore, the ability to attach photos, perform “Quick Add” (adding assets without the usual trouble of logging all the small details) and image recognition via AI strengthen itemit’s asset register software as one of the best in the UK.

How Do I Begin Tracking Fixed Assets?

itemit’s asset management software comes bundled with a wide range of tools, each of which can be used to boost the productivity of your business. From asset tracking to analysing, our software solution is sure to improve your decision making.

To give yourself a competitive advantage, feel free to reach out to us at team@itemit.com. You can also try out itemit’s unique features for yourself and get a hands-on user experience with a 14-day free trial. Fill in the form below to start!

The Best UK Asset Management Software

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