What is a tools tracking system?

Tools tracking software is beneficial for any number of different industries. What is it, though, and why should you be using it?

At a basic level, tools tracking software does exactly what it says on the tin. It helps you track and manage your tools and equipment. If you’re looking at tools tracking software that only offers very basic functionality, it’s time to look elsewhere!

There are a few key areas that tools tracking software can help you with.


What is Tools Tracking Software?

Tools tracking software is a way to catalogue, track, and manage all of your tools and equipment.

What do we mean by track? Specifically, as a tool moves from site to site or between users, you’ll be able to track its whereabouts. You can achieve this by using QR code asset tags, RFID tags, or GPS tags and BLE tags. These tags link your tools directly to your asset tracking software. When one of your asset tags is scanned, the last seen location and user will update automatically.

The best asset tracking software can do so much more than just this. If you regularly book out your tools, you’ll be able to use an asset booking system. You’ll be able to categorise tools and group them to speed up the tracking process. You’ll even be able to generate fixed asset registers at the touch of a button.


Why should you manage your tools?

Many of the benefits of tools tracking software are immediately clear. Knowing where your tools are and not having to use dreaded spreadsheets is a massive benefit in itself.

Asset tracking software can help you in other areas too!


An accountable workforce

Using tools tracking software creates a more responsible workforce. Having asset tracking software that is shareable amongst colleagues means that everyone can contribute to the tracking process.

This higher level of accountability inherently increases the value your workforce will place on tools. As asset tracking software makes assets unique, as opposed to “just another spanner,” losses will be minimised. Fewer lost assets and the ability to generate audit trails can save you money and enhance the use of your assets.


Claw back precious time

When you switch to using the best asset tracking software, you’ll save staggering amounts of time. Knowing where assets are and who had them last minimises the amount of time you’ll have to search for things. Unnecessary admin will be a thing of the past as the burden of asset tracking is shared amongst the team. Real-time updates in the system mean that you get instant access to the information you need.


A return on your investment in under a year

Tools tracking software will ultimately save you money and help you make money. Most of our clients get a return on their investment after purchasing itemit in less than one year!

Saving time and decreasing asset downtime goes a long way towards scaling your business, whether it be in construction or flood restoration. 

You’ll also save a lot of petrol, as you won’t need to drive around aimlessly based on guesses as to where your tools are. Asset tracking software will show you exactly where your assets are. Plan the best route so that you can pick up assets one after the other moments after they’ve finished their job.


Using itemit as your Tools Tracking Software

itemit, the ultimate asset tracking software, can help you with all of this and more.

With our ever-growing variety of features, you’ll be able to book assets in and out, assign them to users, and run reports.

We’re already working with a wide range of big names to help them track their tools and equipment, from Mountain Rescue teams to Cambridge University.

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