What Is The Benefit Of Construction Equipment Tracking?

What Is The Benefit Of Construction Equipment Tracking?

Construction equipment tracking is one of the many areas of the construction business that are evolving with technology. The way construction companies track their tools and equipment has moved on from basic monthly inventories to real-time equipment tracking, allowing companies to conduct their operations seamlessly. 

Your tools and equipment make up the nuts, bolts and gears of your construction business. The whole operation can come to a halt if just a single important gear malfunctioned or went missing. 

This is why you need to invest in a construction equipment tracking system. This way, you can keep a close watch on all of your assets and make sure they keep working smoothly. But that’s just the bird’s eye view of how using asset tracking can help your construction business. Continue reading to discover its numerous other benefits.

What Is The Benefit Of Construction Equipment Tracking?

1. Construction Equipment Tracking Saves Time

The average construction worker spends about 90 minutes of their workday, every day, just looking around for stuff. Yes, that’s one and half hours of non-productivity. But wait a minute. That’s not all.

For a construction company that has around 50 people working at a time, the figures multiply to around 75 man hours per day! Imagine what you could achieve if you turned these wasted hours into utilised hours.

A construction equipment tracking software helps you do exactly that. With itemit asset tracking software, your workers can find the tools and equipment they’re looking for in a jiffy. 

They just have to search for the equipment on the asset register on their smartphone, and they’ll immediately know its last seen location. This can cut the time spent looking for tools and equipment down by more than half.

2. Construction Equipment Tracking Saves Money

We forgot to mention one thing talking about the time wasted looking for tools in the last section. And that’s the 75 man hours that go to waste every day are actually paid man hours. If you’re a construction business owner or manager that hires 50 workers and pays them hourly wages, you’re paying 75 hours worth of wages every day for zero work done. It’s about time that came to an end. 

While helping you save time, itemit’s tools and equipment tracking software also help you save a great deal of money. But there is more than just this one avenue of saving money. 

itemit gives you a clear overview of your entire tools inventory. When purchasing new equipment, you can use the asset register from any device to have a look at what tools and equipment you need to buy and which ones you don’t. This way, equipment tracking lets you avoid making duplicate purchases and save money directly.

3. Construction Equipment Tracking Promotes Accountability

itemit’s construction equipment tracking software lets you assign individual tools to users through the Assignee feature. This is an excellent feature if you want to promote a sense of accountability and transparency among your employees so they are better able to keep all equipment safe and well-maintained. 

Without the infrastructure to assign tools to workers, there is no way of knowing which tools are used by whom. This can create a really murky situation where the employer has no idea where and how the company’s equipment is being utilised.

4. Better Issue Reporting and Management

With countless tools and equipment and the rough and tough nature of construction work, issues keep springing up here and there in different tools and equipment. With Issue reporting, one of the most useful features in tools tracking software, employees can report an issue as soon as they spot them directly through the asset tracking software. 

This notifies the concerned personnel of the problem immediately so they can take care of it in a timely manner. This saves a lot of time and makes your team more productive by minimising the downtime for each asset. 

itemit – Construction Equipment Tracking Made Easy

If you’re looking for construction equipment tracking software, itemit is the most easy-to-use, yet sophisticated asset tracking solution you will find. 

itemit is scalable, which means it can be used for a range of asset tracking purposes including fixed asset tracking, IT asset management and more. Moreover, you can also use it as an equipment loan software. In case, you don’t need your equipment for a while and you want to rent out some of it, you can use itemit to track all the lent hardware. 

To find out more about how itemit can help you track your construction equipment, feel free to contact our team at team@itemit.com. We are always happy to assist you with any queries you have. 

You can also take itemit for a test drive with our free 14-day trial. Fill in the form below and test out the construction equipment tracking features today.

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