What Hardware Do You Need to Track Your Assets?

What Hardware Do You Need to Track Your Assets?

Here at itemit, we understand that businesses and individuals everywhere have asset-tracking needs. However, we also understand that some software makes tracking assets a little tricky. With complicated menus and the need to purchase additional equipment, tracking can become quite expensive. 

Here is where we can come in and make a difference to your asset-tracking needs. Thanks to the way that our software works, you don’t need to worry about asset tracking hardware. All that you need to do is primarily use the tools that you already have at your disposal. As a result, you too can benefit from using our software.

Just Use Your Phone And Our Tags

All that you have to do to track your assets is to use your phone and our tags. You do not have to buy additional asset tracking hardware unless you really wish to. As a result, there’s a real potential here for you to save money. 

You don’t have to buy a complicated QR code scanner or use any complicated software, itemit it is very easy to use. All you really need to do is use your phone and our tags. When you sign up for our software we will send you tags that can be attached to your assets. Our tags have been made to last and stick to many types of surfaces easily. 

When you scan a tag you can assign it to an asset. As a result, the asset in question can be tracked in multiple ways. Whether you want to track fixed or non-fixed assets, our tags and our reliable software can help you.

Business Asset Tracking

The Benefits Of Using itemit’s Tracking Software

Our asset-tracking software comes with a huge range of benefits. Some of the benefits associated with our tracking software include:

  • There’s no need to purchase additional software
  • You can track your assets via your phone and/or your laptop
  • If you’re an individual you can make use of our software and tags for free 
  • Our software is trusted and reliable 
  • Our tracking software is used by businesses, individuals, and organisations all over the globe
  • You do not have to purchase expensive asset tracking hardware
  • It’s possible for you to track your assets as and when you wish
  • You can save money each time you track your assets
  • Our software helps to improve the security of your assets

As you can see, there are quite a few benefits associated with using our tracking software. However, these are not all of the benefits, you can find many more listed on our site under the “Features” menu here: https://itemit.com/features/

Did you know that you can also add your custom logo to our tags?

Why We Made Tracking Assets Easy

Here at itemit, we don’t believe in making anything more complicated than it needs to be. As a result, we have created some software that makes tracking assets a breeze. There are no complicated menus and no complicated methods. You can simply track your assets at the touch of a button. 

We understand that a lot of other asset tracking companies sell asset tracking hardware. However, while the hardware may be good it can be costly. We know that you want the very best tracking results for the lowest price. Here is where we can come in and help you. Not only do we offer software that requires no additional hardware, we also offer software that comes with many benefits. 

When you use our tracking software for the first time you’ll see just how easy it is to track your assets all day, every day. You’ll also learn how easy it is for you to use our software to your advantage. 

Forget using hardware to track your assets, just use your phone (or computer) and some tags. It really is this simple.

Let itemit Help You To Track Your Assets

If you want to track your assets but you don’t want to purchase asset tracking hardware, we can help you. Here at itemit, we can offer you all of the asset tracking software and tools you need. You can track all of your assets quickly and easily. 

Say “Goodbye” to unnecessary asset tracking hardware. Use the hardware that you already have so you can help your business to run more smoothly. If you’re an individual and you want to track your assets, we can help you. It’s possible for you to track your assets in your home easily. 

Whether you’re a business, an organisation, or an individual, we can help you. Talk to our helpful and friendly team today. You can reach them at: team@itemit.com. They can help you to track your assets without resorting to buying expensive asset tracking hardware. Contact our team today or fill in the form below to make a start.

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