What Does An Asset Register Do For Your Business?

What Does An Asset Register Do For Your Business?

An asset register helps your business grow at so many different levels. From financial accuracy and employee accountability to enhanced productivity, you can achieve it all with a good asset management system

Your assets are a pillar of your business enterprise, and how you manage your assets can often mean the difference between a failing venture and sustainable business growth. To make sure that your asset management lets you have the latter, go for itemit

itemit’s asset register empowers you to manage your like assets like never before. It gives you hands-on control over all your assets. It lets you identify every detail about every asset with pinpoint accuracy. It also lets you share the asset management responsibility with the rest of your team so that you can collaborate on better, company-wide asset management. 

Keep reading to learn more about all that itemit’s asset register can do for your business.

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What is an Asset Register?

Also known as asset management or asset tracking software, an asset register is a software solution that lets you add, edit and monitor your business assets on a cloud-based database. It lets you add all your assets in a neat and organised online register which can be accessed through the itemit app or web portal. 

You can log your business assets onto the asset register via asset profiles. Asset profiles let you add all the information about an asset quickly, without scrolling through lengthy spreadsheets. Apart from that, the itemit asset tracking software offers a range of functionalities that can make life instantly easier for you and all your team members. 

Below we’ll talk about these different functionalities and how they can help your company.

What Features Does itemit’s Asset Register Have?

There are quite a few features that make itemit an excellent choice for your businesses’ asset management. We’ll try to highlight a few most important ones.

Asset Tagging

You can use itemit’s asset tags to give a unique identity to each of your assets. You can either use QR code or RFID tags for each asset. When you scan an asset, the itemit app automatically recognises it and opens its asset profile. Not only that, but the location of the asset is also automatically updated in the asset register whenever it’s scanned.

This can save your team dozens of hours. Even though using an asset register is much better than using conventional methods to track assets, searching for assets in a register manually can still take up a lot of time. Smart asset tagging solutions also enhance asset security.

Equipment Booking

There are a lot of different ways how an asset register saves your time and ultimately boosts your business’ productivity. Its equipment booking feature, for example, lets you book a piece of equipment ahead of time so you can ensure its availability when you need it. 

It often happens that you were planning to do a task that requires a particular tool. When the time comes, you find out that that equipment is already being used by someone else and this spoiled plan not only delays your work but also frustrates you. This could be avoided if there was a platform to collaborate on tools and equipment management

With the booking feature, all your team members can synchronise with each other and maximise productivity.

Extreme Scalability

itemit is the most scalable asset tracking solution you’re going to find. Because it’s shareable and extremely versatile, it can help every department in your company. You can use it as a tool tracking software that workers can use to collaborate on the company’s equipment. It can be used as a fixed asset register that the accountants can use to keep a track of your company’s finances. Or you could also use it to manage IT assets for regulatory compliance. 

You name it. itemit’s asset register can do it!

Asset Security

When each and every one of your business assets are logged and tracked with itemit, the chances of asset theft or misplacement are decreased to the bare minimum. The equipment checkout feature ensures that every asset going out of the workplace is recorded, so all team members can know who checked out what and when. 

That is not all. The asset register software also keeps recording assets’ location when they’re scanned so you can always find the last seen location for each asset through the itemit app.



We’ve only briefly touched upon a very few of the many benefits that an asset register brings to your business. The fact is that an asset register has a unique set of advantages when it comes to different departments and even different businesses. So there’s something different in store for every unique business that uses the software in a unique way.

To discover more about what specific benefits an asset register can bring to your company, please reach out to us at team@itemit.com. You can also fill in the short form below to take itemit on a test drive and discover for yourself!

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