UK Asset Management Software Where do I start?

UK asset management software will help your business keep track of its assets and equipment. 

What is it? UK asset management software is a way to categorise and account for all of your tools, equipment, and technology. You’ll be able to view all of your items in an app and a web portal and interact with their information.

So, where do you begin when you’re looking for UK asset management software? We’ve broken it down into three easy steps.


Step 1: Find out the Business Requirements

Your requirements will vary depending on what kind of assets you’re hoping to track and manage, but it may include:

Once you’ve established which assets you will track, you should look into the processes that you’ll need to cover.

For example, with IT asset management, you may want to assign your assets to your staff or even new starters if you’re onboarding. If you’re tracking high-value collections, you’ll want to be able to add all necessary financial, warranty, and insurance information.

Overall, the processes you’ll need will usually involve logging all of your assets onto one register, managing equipment maintenance, whether routine, pre-emptive, or reactive, and location tracking.

You may also want or require other processes, such as checking assets in and out or booking them, so make sure your asset management software can do those things for you.


Step 2: Run a Pilot Using The Software

When you’ve chosen a UK asset management software solution that ticks all your boxes on paper, the next step is trying it out.

A small-scale deployment of the solution will help you see whether the software really does do everything you need and whether it’s scalable to the rest of your business. So, if you want to track all of your IT assets, start with a few laptops, first, to see what the software can do.

You should be able to use some sample QR code asset tags to start your location tracking processes. Simply attach the QR tag to your assets, link them to your asset’s online profile, then test out how accurate and effective the geolocation features are.

This is crucial, while you’re testing your UK asset management software, you can gather feedback and alter your processes to see what a wider rollout may look like. Speaking to your team might present some opportunities with asset tracking that you didn’t know were there.

With itemit, a friendly team will be there to guide you through your implementation every step of the way, just to make sure everything runs as smoothly as it should.


Step 3: Wider rollout

When you’ve tested the system, the next step is to get more QR code asset tags and start logging and tagging up all of your assets.

If you already have a fixed asset register or a spreadsheet with all of your assets logged, itemit runs an import service to get these assets logged in your new UK asset management software. Here, you’ll be able to replicate the smaller scale rollout on a larger scale, continuously monitor usage and engagement, and gather feedback.

We’ll be there for you if you need us at any moment, and when you’re fully up and running you’ll be able to enjoy a more organised life! itemit is the best choice of UK asset management software, as it is a multi-faceted system that can help you solve all manner of asset tracking problems. 

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