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If you’re searching for tool tracking software for your construction business, there are some key things you should be looking for and a lot of things you need to avoid.

Checking out all your options is crucial for any investment. You want to be confident that your tool tracking software will work reliably, that it does what the business needs it to do and that it can scale with you as your business grows.

So, how do you do this? What are you supposed to be looking for? How do you know when you’ve found the right software for you? We’ll shed some light on these vital questions.


What you Should be Looking For

When you’re looking for tool tracking software for construction, there are many avenues you can take. Ultimately, it’ll come down to your specific needs, but there is some core functionality you will need.


  1. Free Trials: A free trial of the systems you’ve identified as potentials is crucial. By taking advantage of a free trial, you’ll be able to test whether or not a tool tracking software will work for you and it’s risk-free. Free trials also give you the opportunity to understand the support that is provided for using the system and helps to build a trusting relationship with the software provider. 
  2. Reporting Capabilities: It’s one thing to have a range of data in a system, and it’s another, much better capability to be able to analyse that data in a useful way. With top-notch reporting features, you’ll be able to instantly see who is using what, where it is, and what has gone missing. A customisable reporting feature gives you the freedom you need to deliver useful analysis and improve operations. 
  3. Simple Asset Tagging System: Many tools tracking software for construction companies will try and upsell you third party readers or a complicated asset tagging system. With a good tool tracking software, all you’ll need is a smartphone and some QR codes. 
  4. Specific Features: You’ll know best what your construction company needs. The base level of accountability can be increased by a tools tracking system that can scan assets when they move, so perhaps that’s what you’re after. Or, you may need tool tracking software that has the ability to book equipment, create reminders, and add insurance information. Only you know exactly what you need.


What you Should Avoid

There’s also a lot that you should be avoiding when you’re looking for a tools tracking software for your construction business. Choosing the wrong system can mean you end up in more of a mess than you are in now.


  1. Rudimentary, Not Real-Time: If your tools tracking software is too rudimentary and doesn’t update in real-time, it’s no better than a spreadsheet. Without real-time updates or too much manual intervention, you won’t save as much time as you could with a more streamlined system. 
  2. Too Complicated: On the other hand, you also don’t want to purchase a system with too many bells and whistles as this can be hard to learn and use. If all you’re looking for is the ability to track tools and equipment from site to site, you won’t want to use a piece of software that you have to wade through in order to do so. 
  3. Old-School Systems: What’s considered old-school? We all know how fast technology moves, so if you opt for a system now that doesn’t provide an app and isn’t cloud-based, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. Your solution will age very rapidly and you’ll be left wondering where on earth it all went wrong. 
  4. A Siloed System: If you can’t easily share your assets or asset movement with your colleagues, you’re using a limited system. Without the ability for anyone to contribute to asset tracking, the responsibilities will all fall on one person and this does not give the best reuslts.


itemit – Tool Tracking Software for Construction Companies

Whatever you’re looking for to track and manage your tools, itemit can help. It has a simple, manageable user interface and doesn’t require much time to set up at all. All you need to do is add your assets and tag them, and you can get going.

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