The Easter Bunny’s Top Tips On Using Asset Tracking, For Your Egg Hunt!

The Easter Bunny’s Top Tips On Using Asset Tracking, For Your Egg Hunt!

It’s Easter Time! While a lot of you are preparing for some time off over the bank holiday weekend, the Easter Bunny is warming up for his busy time of year. 

Despite this, they have taken time off of their busy schedule to guest edit today’s post! 

Imagine you are running a huge egg hunt. 1000 eggs and 20 hunters. Using asset management software, tools and processes, you can manage the hunt in real time, assign higher points to harder to find eggs, eliminate cheating and see what hunters are doing best! 

Always on message, check out these top tips on how to transform your Easter Egg hunt using itemit’s asset tracking.

Easter Asset Tracking - Egg Hunt

Asset tracking with QR Codes

We’ve all seen QR codes, right? Those squares with black lines and dots. We come across them a lot in day to day life as they are used in marketing (like our product? Scan this code and head over to our website…). Those sorts of QR code are normally static. So the information they represent is not changeable. 

The tags are versatile in that they can be printed onto vinyl or metal, so they should be more than durable enough for your egg hunt! Head over to amazon or buy from us direct. QR codes are an affordable, straightforward way to keep track of assets (or eggs).

Dynamic QR Codes

When it comes to asset tracking, the tags are normally dynamic. That means the information can be changed. This info will then be accessible via an asset register. In your egg hunt, after a hunter has scanned an egg, you can get a notification and update the QR metadata to ‘found.’ That way, your hunters do not have to carry around all the eggs they have found.

QR codes can be used to hold all sorts of information. How many points the egg is worth, how much it cost, who hid it, how much it weighs. The tag could redirect to a URL that gives a clue as to where the next egg is or to a leaderboard that shows how the hunter is doing in the competition.

It is this versatility that makes QR codes such a powerful tool in asset tracking in general.

Keep Track of Users

With itemit, you can create an account and add unique users. That means that you will not only know that the egg has been found and when, but also who found it. This information can be combined with the other data to keep a close eye on performance and productivity.

The Clock is Ticking

Using asset tracking software from itemit. Add an expiration date to each egg so that if it is found after this time, it does not add to the user’s score. You can even show this information to the user when they scan the egg. Why not give users more points the faster they find the egg?

Who’s the Winner?

We have already seen how you can organise and track your easter egg hunt. After all of that hard work, the participants will want to know how they did. Throughout the course of the day, your high-tech hunt has produced a lot of information.

Rather than comb through this, you can use intuitive reporting to see everything at a glance. itemit has inbuilt, customizable reports that will tell the story of the day without pouring over data.

Tidying Up

itemit’s asset tracking software is shareable, too, which means you can lessen the burden on a single colleague. What this means is that your entire team can contribute to your asset management operations, saving everyone time while also creating a totally clear picture of your asset information.

Overall, itemit has a range of helpful asset tracking features which help you get more clarity, save more time, and keep a high ROI by losing fewer assets, avoiding ghost and zombie assets, and more.

To find out more about how itemit can help your business save time and money, you can contact the team at You can also fill in the form below to start your 14-day free trial.

Asset tracking with RFID Tags

Truth be told, QR tags are probably the best solution to the discerning Easter Egg hunt organiser. They’re affordable and simple to implement. Having said that, we like to give you options! 

One of the downsides of a QR code is that it has to be scanned to access the information. So, you will need to apply the tag to the outside of the egg. Don’t want to ruin the effect of the wrapping? If you would like to hide the tag, then you can use an RFID tag, which works on radio frequencies to transmit the information that is picked up by a scanner. .

Choose itemit For Your Asset Tracking

Whether you are only just realising the need for asset tracking, or looking to migrate from outdated, spreadsheet based systems, itemit is flexible enough to fit your needs.

Our goal is to give you the control and insight to be able to earn more and spend less.

And, of course, to facilitate egg hunts of all shapes and sizes.

A big thank you to the Easter Bunny for their advice and edits when putting this post together. Who knew they were such an asset tracking nerd? I guess they are running a fairly major operation…

Book a demo today to see all itemit’s features in action. To find out more details, you can always contact our team at

The Easter Bunnies Top Asset Tracking Tips!

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