The Advantages Of Mobile Asset Tracking For Field Service

The Advantages Of Mobile Asset Tracking For Field Service

When you work in the field you need to know that you can still track all of your assets. Many asset tracking solutions are available to those who are working in an office. However, solutions such as these can be few and far between for field service workers. 

The good news is that there are some mobile asset tracking solutions out there. The issue is that not everyone is aware of the advantages that are associated with them. This article aims to make you aware of just some of the advantages of mobile asset tracking software.

What Exactly Is Mobile Asset Tracking?

Mobile asset tracking works in a similar way to other types of asset tracking. However, the one clear difference is that the tracking takes place when someone is out and about. Tracking such as this allows businesses to track their assets while they are in the field. It ensures that they have the same amount of access that someone in an office would have. In addition to this, it also means that changes to an asset register can be made as and when they are required… not just when the individual has arrived back in the office. 

Now let’s take a look at just some of the benefits of mobile asset tracking.

Business Asset Tracking

You Can Check Your Asset’s Location Any Time

No matter where you are, you can check the location of all of your assets. As long as you can connect to the internet you are good to go. The software that provides you with your much-needed asset tracking solutions can show you where your assets are at any time. This means you can potentially find those assets quicker than you would have otherwise.

Assets Can Be Maintained As And When Maintenance Is Required

When you come across an asset that is in less-than-perfect condition you could send it for maintenance. Alternatively, you could set up a maintenance schedule so all of your assets remain in better condition at all times. 

As a result of this feature offered by asset tracking solutions software, your business could save money. Your assets are more likely to be in good working order which means that jobs can be completed sooner. Improved productivity can only be a good thing as it can improve the bottom line for businesses everywhere.

Assets Can Be Scanned Quickly And Easily

Did you know that if you come across an asset you can scan it and see exactly which department it belongs to? You could also see when the asset was purchased, how much it is worth, what the maintenance schedule is, who has checked it out, and so much more. As long as the asset in question has a barcode affixed to it, it can be scanned with ease.

Did you know that some asset tracking solutions software will let you personalise the barcodes? You could have your business’s logo featured on the barcode. This can be a good little marketing tool or help you to show that it’s your business that owns the asset in question.

Ghost Assets Can Be Kept To A Minimum

Ghost assets can potentially cause a few problems for many businesses. Assets such as these have either been lost, stolen, or broken. In any case, they are out of order and are not usually listed as being so. 

What this means is that your business may have 60 vehicles in its inventory but only 59 are being used. As a result, fewer deliveries may be completed at any one time. However, with the right asset tracking solutions, ghost assets can be kept to a minimum, and security can be increased. This means that all of those deliveries are more likely to be completed on time.

You Can Check Assets In And Out

No matter where you are, you can check assets in and out. If this is something that your tracking software allows, you can take full advantage of it. You can come across an asset and check it out so that the rest of your team knows that you’re using it. When you’ve finished using it, you can check the asset back in again.

Not only does this feature allow you to say “I’m using this asset”, it also creates data. When you have data you have about how often an asset is used it means management can decide whether more need to be purchased. Additionally, this feature also helps to increase the level of security surrounding each asset, even those that are in the field.

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