Looking After Your IT Assets with Asset Management Software

Looking After Your IT Assets with Asset Management Software

These days, most businesses have a lot of money tied up in their IT assets. Assets such as these comprise of computers, printers, software licences and more. Each one of these assets helps the workplace to run smoothly. 

As every IT asset is an important part of a business, it makes sense to use the right IT asset management software. Software such as this offers streamlined solutions to managing and tracking the assets.

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How IT Asset Management Software Can Help Your Business

The right IT asset management software can help your business in a variety of ways. Such as:

Ensuring You Have An Asset Inventory

IT asset management begins with creating an inventory that contains information about every IT asset. An inventory allows users to quickly obtain different information about every asset. All of the required information can be found in a single location.

Allowing You to Track Every IT Asset

Assets can be continuously tracked. In addition to tracking each IT asset’s location, it’s possible to track the asset’s costs, contractual agreements, and the inventory data. This feature in itself can save an abundance of time as all of the information will be located in itemit’s menu

Understanding where an asset is located can help to increase security. It can also bring peace of mind. Knowing that costly assets are in the right location takes guesswork out of the equation. Additionally, it shows that the assets are being used for the tasks they were intended for. 

Users can see an asset’s last-known location when a QR code or RFID tag is added to the asset. Logging into itemit’s menu will show where the asset in question is located. Again, this can bring peace of mind.

Ensuring You Can Maintain Your IT Assets

When businesses use the right IT asset management software it is possible for them to maintain their IT assets. The need for updates, repairs, and upgrades can be logged. Having information such as this to hand can ensure that every IT asset is looked after. All assets can be maintained according to their life cycle and are less likely to be replaced. 

Additionally, when an asset is in a poor state of repair the maintenance team can be notified. This ensures that the asset is more likely to be repaired quickly. As a result, there are more working IT assets available to everyone.

Tracking IT Asset Licences

Many businesses find that they use software and computer licences. It’s these licences that can widely affect a business’s operations. As a result, it is hugely vital that every licence is tracked and managed. 

itemit’s IT asset management software allows for accurate tracking. Users can receive an update when a software licence, for example, is about to expire. This can help to make life easier as many businesses choose to log such information on a spreadsheet. However, human error is still possible and software licences can fail to be renewed. 

When the right IT management software is used, updates will be received as and when they are required. Therefore, those who are responsible for renewing software licences are more likely to renew them.

Improving Productivity

Every business around the globe tends to do what it can to improve productivity. Here is where itemit’s asset management software can help. Our software allows businesses to gain much more control, visibility, and responsibility. Asset downtime is likely to decrease, and each IT asset can be used more beneficially. As a result, productivity can be increased without needing to increase costs.

Assigning IT Equipment

IT equipment can be assigned to individual users. Management can see which users have which equipment and where they are located. When IT equipment is assigned to individuals, it automatically makes the individual feel more responsible for it. This can help to reduce equipment damage and even loss. 

It is also possible for users to check IT equipment in and out. This allows for better asset management. It also allows businesses to see how often equipment is used and how long it has been used for. This feature in itself allows businesses to understand whether they have sufficient IT assets. If all assets are in high demand, a decision about purchasing additional assets can be made.

Use itemit’s IT Asset Management Software

itemit’s IT asset management software can help your business to manage IT assets effectively. Our easy-to-use software has been designed to make the day-to-day running of your business easier. With the ability to keep a record of your IT assets and each asset’s performance, itemit allows you to focus on other areas of the business. 

Find out how our asset management software can help you. Contact our knowledgeable team today at team@itemit.com. Alternatively, you could choose to begin a 14-day free trial. Complete the form below to get started. 

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