Software Licence Management And How Asset Tracking Software Can Keep Everything On Track

Software Licence Management And How Asset Tracking Software Can Keep Everything On Track

Managing software licences should be easy. However, if you have more than a few licences, keeping them on track can be difficult. This is where the use of some asset tracking software can prove to be beneficial. There’s a real opportunity for you to track everything so you know when licences need updating or replacing. Tracking licences can also help you to understand which computers they’re used in and where they’re located. 

Let’s take a look at what asset tracking software is and how it can help you to manage your licences with ease.

What Tracking Software Is

Tracking software is ultimately a digital tool that can help you to track all of your licences. With the ability to show you where they are, when they expire, and what they do, this software can be very beneficial. 

You may also be able to understand whether you’re using the software in question to its advantage. This can only be a good thing as if it turns out you’re under-using some software, you could consider replacing it. Alternatively, you may wish to get rid of the software completely. 

You’re no doubt aware that software can be highly useful to you and your business. Regardless of the type of business you run, there’s likely to be some software out there that can help you. The right software can, in fact, help you to keep your business running with ease. This is why it makes sense for you to track those all-important licences.

Business Asset Tracking

How Asset Tracking Software Can Help

Asset tracking tools can be very useful as they can help you to track a multitude of assets. Software licences are, of course, included in this. Did you know that you can receive an alert when a licence is about to expire? You could, for example, receive an alert a few weeks or a month before the expiry date. This could give you plenty of time to look for a replacement if you need to. Alternatively, you could simply agree to use the software for another year or two. 

As soon as you have purchased a new licence or updated your current one it’s important that you set another expiration reminder. You could do this for every single piece of software that you use. When you do, you can sit back and relax and let the tracking tool do the hard work for you. 

It does not matter whether you use some software every single day or once a month. If you use it, it will have an expiry date.

When To Start Tracking Your Licences

Even if you use just one type of software you should start tracking it today. The sooner you do, the sooner you can reap the rewards associated with asset tracking. You may no longer need to worry about accidentally letting the software expire. You can set a reminder as and when it’s convenient to you. Finally, you could also understand which devices use the software in question and which ones don’t. This could prove to be beneficial if you need to use a tablet, for example, when speaking to customers in the field.

Additional Benefits Associated With Managing Software Licences This Way

We have already looked at some very clear benefits associated with managing licences. However, there are also a few more that are worth mentioning. Let’s take a look at these now:

  • You could add the customer service numbers to the licence’s digital profile so they’re easy to access
  • The profile could also contain any relevant insurance and warranty information, making it easy to retrieve
  • As we have already seen, it’s possible to understand which devices the software is installed on
  • Security can be boosted in an instant as the devices the software is installed on will automatically be location tracked
  • It’s possible to set up a maintenance schedule for the assets in question 
  • Specific licences could be organised into collections
  • Issues can be reported and managed with ease
  • The use of software could be tracked, resulting in data being created and reports being exported
  • Reports could provide useful information and help you to run your business in a whole new way
  • Licences can be managed via a computer, phone, tablet, or laptop, the choice is yours
  • As long as you’re connected to the internet you can manage your licences

There are some genuine benefits to letting asset tracking help you manage your software licences. Some of the above benefits may not seem useful to you right now. However, they can become apparent once you start tracking. Keep everything on track so you can have peace of mind. 


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