itemit VS Our Competitors

itemit VS Our Competitors

Here at itemit, we aim to provide all of our customers with the very best asset tracking software. We work hard to do this by offering more than any of our competitors. Knowing that users can simply log into itemit and complete many different tasks is very satisfying. It helps us to understand we’re moving in the right direction. It also helps us to work even harder to keep all of our customers happy. 

Offering You More Than Our Competitors

We may have many competitors out there, but we work to offer you more than all of them. Many asset tracking apps and tools have a few things in common with our software. However, very few, if any at all, offer the same features as our asset tracking software. 

Businesses everywhere can make use of our app’s great features. When they do, they are on their way to becoming asset tracking experts. 

Some of our great features include:

Business Asset Tracking

QR and Barcode Asset Tagging

You can track your assets by attaching QR codes and barcodes to them. We offer our customers a range of aluminium and vinyl stickers. You could even add your own logo, should you wish to. This is not something that many, if any of our competitors can offer. 

Our aluminium and vinyl stickers have been built to last. As soon as they are attached to the asset they are ready to be used. Simply scan the barcode, fill in a few details and you’re ready to track the asset. It really is that simple and effective.

Issue Reporting and Management

Thanks to the way that our asset tracking software works, you can report and manage issues. Should something arise with an asset while you’re using it, you can report the issue to the maintenance team. As a result, the team will know what asset needs repairing and potentially why. 

Messages will be sent to and received by the maintenance team, alerting them to an issue. As a result, the maintenance team can get to work repairing the asset. This means that more assets are available for use at all times. How many of our competitors can offer this?

Asset Register Creation

One of the main reasons why people choose to use asset tracking software is its ability to help them create an asset register. When an asset register has been created, it’s possible to see what assets you have, each asset’s condition, estimated value, estimated lifespan, and much more. 

itemit’s asset tracking software lets users see all of their assets at the touch of a button. This can prove to be wholly useful when it comes to understanding which assets are being used. Users can also see how many assets they have, and whether more are required. It’s this that can help them to understand what direction the business is moving in. 

The creation of an asset register allows for many possibilities. It can help users to track each asset all day, every day. The quality and performance of the assets can be monitored along with many other features. Not many of our competitors will be able to say the same.

Tracking the Location of Each Asset

itemit’s tracking software enables users to track the location of each of their assets. As long as each asset has a QR or barcode attached, they can be tracked. This feature is highly useful as it helps users to see the asset’s last-known location. Additionally, users can see who has which assets thanks to the check in and out feature. 

When assets can be accurately tracked they automatically offer an additional level of security. Assets can be retrieved and are much less likely to become lost or stolen. This is a feature that we’re very proud of and one that not all of our competitors can match.

itemit VS Our Competitors

It’s fair to say that there is a lot of useful asset tracking software out there provided by our competitors. However, they do not offer the same features as our software does. This is why our tracking software is now being used by more and more businesses. With a vast range of features, our tracking software stands out from the crowd. It offers more than all of our competitors with a range of unique features, while being easy to use. 

If you would like to make the most of our tracking software, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re a friendly team of asset tracking professionals who are here to help. You can contact us at: Alternatively, you may wish to consider signing up for our 14-day Free Trial. When you sign up, you’ll quickly find out just how well our asset tracking software can work for you. Complete the form below to get started. 

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