asset tracking system and issues management

On the 5th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: an easy way to track and manage issues!

Sooner or later, an asset will have an issue. How this affects you will depend on what job you’re in. 

If you’re in the construction industry, an asset issue could mean asset downtime for repairs. Asset downtime could, in turn, cause a temporary loss in profits, especially if the issue isn’t tracked and rectified as quickly as possible.

If you work in facilities management, issues management may mean something different. Issues management could mean a broken sink or toilet, or a light switch not working. This could mean many emails to your account from tenants requesting any number of fixes.

No matter what, issues management is crucial as otherwise, you can lose time or focus your efforts in the wrong places. With an effective asset tracking system such as itemit, these issues are solved.


How itemit’s Issues Management System Works

There are two main ideas with issues management. The first is to benefit maintenance and repair workers. The other is to benefit people working in facilities management environments.

Our bespoke asset tracking system can help both effectively and with ease.

You will be able to track and manage issues using both the App and our web portal at


The Web Portal

Now, on the web portal, it’s faster than ever to submit an issue. All you have to do is select the faulty asset and press the “create issue” button under the image. You can then type in what the issue is, and it’ll be reported.


issues management and an asset tracking system


You can add one in a similar way within the asset’s full profile by pressing “add” next to the issue field.

You’ll be able to track and manage all of your issues in the “Issues” tab, whether they’ve been resolved or not. This way, you can use our asset tracking system to see historical data about which assets break more frequently.

Whenever issues are resolved, you’ll be able to assign them as so, but you can also indicate that they’re not an issue or that they were created by mistake.


The App 

In the itemit App, the process is similar. You can scan an asset’s QR code asset tag, or open the asset profile and press “Raise issue.”

You’ll also be able to track and manage issues in an issues tab, much the same as in the web portal.


AI and Public Profiles

itemit’s asset tracking system is smarter than that, however. There’s more to how you can track and manage issues.

Integrated into issues management is a smart AI bot which employs machine learning to categorise the severity of your issues automatically. It already has over five years of facilities management data integrated into it!



You can reprioritise the bot and help it learn, should you need to.

That’s not all when it comes to itemit’s smart asset tracking system, however. Public profiles are also a new feature that has been rolled out to all of our customers.



With public profiles, you need only add a QR code asset tag to an asset and make your profiles public. This way, anyone can scan your asset with their smartphone and report an issue, without needing the App! They can only see what they need to, and all of the secret information remains in your hands. 

If you’re in facilities management or maintenance, itemit’s asset tracking system has made issues management simple and effective. Find out more by contacting us or by filling in the form below.

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