itemit: A Simple Construction Equipment Tracking App

itemit: A Simple Construction Equipment Tracking App

Construction companies everywhere can potentially make use of itemit’s construction equipment tracking app. The app has been specifically created to ensure that equipment can be tracked all day, every day. 

Many construction companies spend 10s of thousands of pounds every year on construction equipment. However, they do not sufficiently track all of their assets. There is little to no indication as to where each of the assets are and who is using them. Itemit’s simple construction equipment tracking app puts an end to all of the guesswork. Here’s how:

The Best Asset Tracking Implementations And Use Cases

Tracking All Types of Equipment

Thanks to the way that the app works, all types of equipment can be tracked. Construction companies can track tools, diggers, cranes, and any other types of equipment. As long as an RFID tag or QR code can be stuck on the equipment, it can be tracked.

Tracking means that it’s possible to see where the equipment’s last-known location was. This can help immensely when it comes to retrieving equipment. It can also help users of the tracking app to know whether the right equipment is in the right location.

How Construction Tracking Works

Construction equipment tracking works by helping users to see where their equipment is. Additionally, it can help users to know the condition of every asset. When the RFID tag or QR code is added, it’s possible to see where the equipment’s last-known location is. All that users need to do is to log into the app and select the equipment in question. 

The equipment’s location will be shown in addition to all of the equipment information that has been entered. With just the push of a button, it’s easy to see a wide variety of information that can prove to be very useful.

The Benefits of Equipment Tracking

There are many benefits that are associated with equipment tracking. Some of these benefits can be found below:

Equipment and tools never get lost

As QR codes or RFID tags can be added to equipment and tools, you can track where they’ve been seen on and off-site. Therefore, you will know exactly what is accounted for. All that you need to do is to log into itemit’s app and you’ll be shown where the equipment is. You can also see who’s using the equipment, what its maintenance status is, and even the equipment’s value.

Everything can be well-maintained

It is possible to maintain all of your assets. Simply notify the maintenance team via the app that something is wrong. The team can then book each asset in for repair, should it be required. Regular maintenance ensures that all assets are likely to last longer as issues are likely to be uncovered more often.

Effective collaboration is possible

Collaboration can be more effective. This is thanks to the app’s ability to let users communicate with each other. Users can leave notes if they’re concerned about some equipment. Photographs can be uploaded as can manuals and forms. This feature allows users to gain access to a manual, for example, should they need it.

Equipment can be checked in and out

Users of the equipment can check it in and out. This ensures you know where your equipment is at all times. Additionally, users feel more responsible for the equipment. As a result, equipment is less likely to sustain damage. 

If damage is sustained, management can see who the last user was. This feature ensures investigating how the equipment was damaged is much easier. If a note has been left about how the asset became damaged, it could be easier to repair it. The maintenance team will have a better idea about what needs to be repaired and why.

Object Recognition

Users can now take advantage of itemit’s object recognition function. This function ensures that assets can be identified via a photo. The necessary fields will be filled in and time can therefore be saved. This can prove to be particularly advantageous if you have a lot of equipment and tools. 

If you wish to use construction equipment tracking to your advantage, itemit can help you. With more and more updates being added all the time, this tracking app could prove to be hugely beneficial.

Use itemit’s Construction Equipment Tracking App

itemit’s construction equipment tracking app is ideal if you want to track all of your equipment. Easy to use and with many benefits and features, our tracking app is proving to be hugely popular. 

Contact our expert and friendly team today at to learn more about how our app works. Alternatively, you could choose to sign up for our 14-day free trial to see how well itemit’s app works for you. Let itemit take the guesswork out of tracking your construction equipment.

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