IT Asset Inventory Made Simple

IT Asset Inventory Made Simple

If you would like to make your IT asset register more organised and easy to access, you’re in the right place. Making sure that you have an inventory that’s simple to use may seem complicated. However, this is not the case at all. When you have the right tools and the right software you can make it very simple. The only trouble is that not everyone knows how to do this. Don’t worry, this article will take you through exactly what you need to do.

What Is An IT Asset Inventory?

An asset register inventory is a type of software that includes all of your IT assets. Your inventory could include all of your laptops, smartphones, desktop computers, and your tablets. Your inventory could also include your printers, cables, spare monitors, 3D printers, modems, fax machines (some people still use them), and much more. Ideally, you will find everything that’s related to your computers, etc in your inventory. 

The ideal IT asset register will be updated whenever you purchase something new. Let’s imagine that you have bought 20 new tablets for your team. The tablets should be added to the inventory. You can even add information such as which particular team is using them and why. In fact, the more information you add to your inventory, the better. Doing so can save you some time in the future.

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How To Make an Asset Inventory

Making an asset inventory is relatively easy. Firstly, you need to attach a QR code, RFID tag, or a barcode to each asset. The next step is to scan the code so that a digital profile is created. That profile is specific to the asset. Now, add as much information about the asset as you can. You could, for example, add the laptop’s serial number, warranty details, estimated value, insurance details, and even a photograph. Also, add a link to the instruction manual if there is one. When you add information such as this it helps your IT asset register to be a little more complete.

The Benefits Of Using An Inventory

There are many benefits associated with using an inventory to help you keep track of your IT assets. Some of the benefits include:

  • You will know who’s using your laptops, etc if you use the check-in feature 
  • Tracking the location of everything is very easy
  • You can access your IT asset register via a web portal and Android and IOS apps
  • All of your assets can be organised into collections 
  • It’s possible to use bulk actions for quick updates
  • Reporting issues with any asset in the inventory is simple 

And so much more. You’ll soon discover all of the benefits that come with using an IT inventory.

Increasing Productivity

Did you know that when you create an IT inventory you increase productivity? This is because much of the information you need will be in the palm of your hand. In addition to this, you could find that a lot of those small tasks (such as ticking boxes) are done automatically. What this means is that you could get on with other more important tasks. A direct result of this means that productivity is increased. This is another benefit associated with using an IT asset register every day.

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How Security Is Automatically Increased

When you choose to create an IT inventory you automatically increase security. You do this without taking any extra steps. This is one of the major benefits of using any type of IT asset register. However, to achieve this you do need to make sure that you attach an RFID tag, barcode, or QR code to each asset. You need to do this anyway so that you can track your IT assets. 

When you create that all-important digital profile you help to increase security right away. This is because all of your assets are immediately tracked. What this means is that they can always be found. You no longer need to guess where your assets are. You can see their location within a few seconds. Simply log into the tracking software and click on the asset you wish to find. You’ll then be shown its last-known location. Alternatively, you could log into the software and see where every asset is. 

So, what does this mean from a security point of view? It means that you can always see where every asset is. If, for example, some of your tablets go missing, you could locate them quickly. A direct consequence of this is that you may no longer need to buy replacement tablets. Therefore, you could save quite a bit of money and this can only be a good thing.

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