The Role Of Barcoding And RFID Technology In IT Asset Tracking

The Role Of Barcoding And RFID Technology In IT Asset Tracking

When we buy products from the supermarket or an online store, those products are likely to have a barcode on them. If you stay in a hotel or you pay for something using your phone these procedures will involve using an RFID tag. It’s these technologies that have helped to make our lives a little easier. But how does the world of IT asset tracking use these technologies? We’re going to explore this now.

Barcodes And RFID Tags

Barcodes contain a lot of information that when scanned, will perform an action. The action that is performed can tell us how much something costs, where something was purchased, or even where an asset is located. The latter is something that RFID tags do too. 

RFID which stands for Radio Frequency Identification is a completely wireless data communication system. The data is stored in the label and is only understood once it is read by a scanner/reader. When the RFID tag is scanned, radio waves are emitted. The individual scanning the reader will then be shown a set of information. It’s this process that can help immensely with the world of IT asset tracking.

Let’s take a look at just how barcodes and RFID tags can help with tracking IT assets.

Business Asset Tracking

Tracking The Location Of An Asset

IT asset tracking is not always as easy as you would hope it to be. You may be aware that a team of 12 people is working in another office over the next few weeks. You might also be aware that they have taken some of your laptops with them. However, do you know exactly which laptops they have taken? Are they also using some of your tablets?

There’s no real way of knowing where all of your laptops and tablets are unless you track them. When an RFID tag or a barcode is attached to your IT assets, they can be tracked. As long as you use reliable asset tracking software, you can see which assets are being used in the other office. If you don’t use any of the above you’ll just have to guess.

Understanding Who Is Using A Laptop

Some IT asset tracking software will let you see exactly who is using what. With check-in and check-out functions, you can understand which member of your team has a tablet or laptop. This can be particularly useful if some laptops, for example, run on or occasionally use specific software. 

The checking in and out process is a very easy one and just allows you to keep a closer eye on all of your assets. Those checking an asset out simply need to scan the RFID tag or barcode and they’ll be given the option to check the tablet in or out. It’s that easy.

Keeping IT Assets In Good Working Order

It’s likely that some of your assets will fail completely or partially from time to time. It’s also very likely that this will happen when you’re really busy. This is where using RFID tags and barcodes can help. 

When a computer breaks down or a printer stops working, they can be scanned and the maintenance team can be alerted. The user will be given the chance to message the maintenance team with the suspected issue. The team can then get ready to repair the computer. 

Did you know that you may be able to set maintenance reminders? You could set the reminders at chosen intervals, should you wish to. Your assets could be in a better state of repair thanks to the reminders. Want to edit a reminder or see when the reminder will “ping” you? Simply scan the RFID tag or barcode.

Improving Security Using Barcodes And RFID Tags

IT asset tracking using RFID tags and barcodes can help to improve security. This is simply because you can see where your assets are and who has them. When you have this information at your fingertips you are likely to find that your assets will stay will you for longer. In other words, they’re much less likely to get lost or even stolen.

When you attach a barcode or RFID tag to a modem, for example, it could be obvious that it’s being tracked. It’s this that can help it to remain with its rightful owner. Additionally, those who are using one of your tablets, for example, are more likely to look after it. If they know that the tablet is being tracked the tablet is unlikely to get lost or even damaged. A direct result of this is that you may have to spend less replacing IT assets that have been lost, stolen, or damaged. 

As you can see barcoding and RFID technology has a large role in IT asset tracking that can be hugely beneficial. 

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