IT asset management software advantages

IT asset management software is a system that safely records IT asset data and is updated via your processes to ensure you have accurate records of IT hardware and equipment. If you’ve got one of the best IT asset management solutions, you’ll then be able to leverage this information to give you valuable insights into the condition and whereabouts of your hardware.

There are a lot of advantages for your business when it comes to using IT asset management software, including an accurate IT hardware register of PCs, mobile devices and accessories, increased transparency across the business and more efficient processes – to name just a few!

We’ve pulled together our top 3 advantages of IT asset management software to discuss in more detail below.

Faster and more efficient processes

The first benefit of IT asset management software is that it greatly speeds up your processes. These efficiencies can come from a few different places:

  • Spending less time searching for assets
  • Removing duplication of effort. If you keep paper records currently that are used to update spreadsheets or systems at a later date, you can remove the need for this additional data entry
  • Tagging assets for instant identification instead of wasting time trying to figure out which piece of equipment does what you need
  • Automatically recording asset locations – this is updated every time the asset tag is scanned
  • Storing hardware and equipment information including user manuals, warranty expiry information and manufacturer in one safe place
  • Instant check out and check in of assets
  • Assigning assets to personnel so you know immediately who you need to contact regarding an asset
  • Booking assets in advance to ensure they are reserved for your usage
  • Using the reporting tool in your IT asset management software to monitor and analyse hardware and equipment condition and location

Increased accountability and transparency across your business

One of the most significant advantages of IT asset management software that is often overlooked is the increased responsibility staff feel for your IT assets. Once your colleagues are aware that their computers, laptops, mobile devices, cables and screens are being monitored, you’ll see a dramatic shift in attitude that results in staff looking after your assets much better.

The way you achieve this is to assign assets to new starters during your onboarding process. This instantly creates a need for that member of staff to accept responsibility for the assets in their care.

IT asset management software also helps you to manage hardware and equipment maintenance. You will report issues against each unique piece of kit, resulting in an audit trail for every asset. It’s possible to then quickly spot trends with hardware faults that may make it inefficient to continue to repair an asset.

An IT Asset Register that means something

All of the data you collect by tracking and managing your assets should give you something valuable; otherwise, what’s the point?

Your IT asset management software must allow you to report on IT hardware and equipment. For example, for the business’ budgets and forecasts, you can run a report that shows how much money is needed to cover assets due to be replaced in the next year. Alternatively, it may be that an employee is leaving and you’re responsible for collecting all hardware and PCs that they’ve been using. With a quick look at your IT inventory management software, you can see which assets they have been assigned and ensure their safe return.

In addition, the ability to create, manage, and export customised reports assists with all sorts of auditing. This may include:

  • compliance audits
  • ensuring GDPR compliance
  • insurance audits 
  • asset usage reports
  • and more

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