IT Asset Management Simplified

IT Asset Management Simplified

At itemit, we do what we can to keep asset management simple, and we succeed. We know that no one needs to have a complicated app to help them track their IT assets. They need IT asset management software that’s easy to use and works well. 

Thanks to the way that our asset management software works, managing IT assets has never been easier. 

Let’s take a look at just some of the ways that IT asset management can be simplified using itemit.

Managing and Reporting Issues

Our IT asset management software allows users to manage and report issues with ease. From time to time IT assets can fail to work as well as they should. This could potentially become an issue if the assets are not repaired. However, thanks to the way that our software works, managing and reporting issues is easy. 

Should an issue with IT equipment arise, users can scan the equipment’s QR code and create a ticket. The ticket can detail their concerns with the asset and be sent to the maintenance team. As a result, the maintenance team will receive an alert and upon reading the ticket can get ready to repair the asset. 

IT assets can be repaired as and when repairs are required. This ultimately means that there will be more working IT assets available at all times.

Business Asset Tracking

Booking IT Assets In Advance

Every member of your team can book an IT asset in advance, should they wish to. Thanks to the way that our IT asset management software works assets can be booked at the touch of a button. As a result, users can gain quick access to the assets they need. 

When someone books an asset other users will see this should they also wish to book the asset. This can prove to be quite useful. Users can negotiate between themselves when each of them can use the asset. 

The ability to book an asset is a unique feature that allows for simplified IT asset management. Within moments it is possible to see who has an asset and where it is. It is also possible to join the asset queue. As soon as an IT asset has become available, users can gain access to it. This ensures they can undertake much-needed tasks as and when required.

Tracking Your IT Assets

itemit’s IT asset management software can help users to track their assets. As soon as an asset has been added to the system, users can assign a QR code or barcode to it. As long as the code is attached to the asset its location can be tracked. 

This feature has proven to be highly useful to businesses that have multiple assets in multiple locations. They can see where each of their assets are at all times. Additionally, tracking fixed IT assets has also proven beneficial. It allows users to see what the IT assets have been used for and who has used each asset.

This can prove to be beneficial should something have gone wrong with the asset and the issue has remained unreported. Additionally, it can help businesses to see whether they have enough assets or need to purchase more. 

Creating An Asset Register

Creating an asset register is very simple. All that users need to do is to add every IT asset to itemit’s menu. All that users need to do is to:

  • Add each IT asset’s name, model, make, and serial number
  • Include the IT asset’s insurance details and warranty information
  • Add each asset’s estimated value, depreciation value and resale value
  • Enter any other information that could prove to be useful such as photographs of the user instructions 

Ultimately, our IT asset management software allows users to add as many details about each asset as they please. All of this can be achieved at the touch of a button. It allows users to create a profile of each IT asset the business owns. This can prove to be hugely beneficial as it helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to monitor their assets. 

Users of itemit’s asset management software can also download reports. This is very useful when it’s time to do the accounts, for example.

Use itemit’s IT asset management software

Use itemit’s IT asset management software so your business begins to reap the rewards. Our software simplifies asset management. There are no complicated menus or systems, we have made it as easy as it should be. 

If you would like to speak to someone about how itemit can work for you contact our friendly expert team today. You can reach them at Alternatively, you may wish to begin a 14-day free trial. Simply fill in the form below to get started. See how simple it is to manage your IT assets with itemit.

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