How to Organise Your Fixed Assets

How to Organise Your Fixed Assets

At itemit, we understand that organising your fixed assets isn’t always easy. The good news is that we can help you. Our fixed asset tracking software can help you to quickly and easily organise all of your fixed assets. Read on for more information.

Create Asset Collections

Users can put all of their fixed assets into as many categories as they wish. Categories can be added each time a new asset is added to the register if required. The ability to add multiple assets ensures that fixed asset registers can be highly organised. 

For example, one collection could be named “IT” with “Office computers” as the sub-category. Users can add as many sub-categories as they wish, helping to make fixed asset tracking even more organised. 

Adding categories and sub-categories allows users to quickly and easily find the assets they need. As a result, users may no longer need to spend time searching for an asset. They can simply log into itemit’s menu and locate the asset within moments.

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Add Barcodes To Assets

Barcodes can be added to fixed assets to track each asset’s location. As fixed assets tend to stay in one place, location tracking may not be required. However, there are still multiple reasons for affixing barcodes to assets.

When a barcode is affixed to an asset the barcode can be assigned to that asset. This allows users of the computer/machinery, etc to track multiple aspects of the asset, including the asset’s:

  • Make and model 
  • Serial number
  • Insurance information
  • Warranty information 
  • Size, weight, and colour 
  • Date of purchase
  • Cost at time of purchase
  • Estimated current value
  • Estimated resale value
  • Estimated lifespan 
  • Maintenance record
  • Instruction details
  • And so many more details 

When all of the above information is added, it allows users to access information about each asset very quickly. As a result, users no longer need to spend a lot of time searching for the required information. Instead, they can simply log into itemit’s menu and find the information there. Additionally, it’s possible to add other information, if required. As a result, our fixed asset tracking can make everyday tasks much easier.

Upload Photographs

Thanks to the way that our fixed asset tracking software works, it’s possible to add photographs to the software. Users may find this feature highly useful if they have multiple similar assets. A photograph of each asset can help to determine where the asset is. 

Users can upload as many photographs of each asset as they wish. Not only does this help them to use the right asset, it can also help with maintaining assets. Should an asset sustain damage, for example, users can upload a photograph of the asset. If the maintenance team is shown the photograph they may know how to repair it. 

Notifying the maintenance team that there’s an issue with an asset can potentially mean it’s repaired sooner. While it’s not necessary that photographs of a damaged asset are uploaded, it can help with repairs. Additionally, adding a few notes about how the asset sustained damage or when it stopped working can also help.

Track An Asset’s Location

Fixed asset tracking can involve tracking the location of an asset. Should an asset be located in a large warehouse or factory, it may not be easy to find. However, when itemit’s asset tracking software is used it makes tracking assets a breeze. Users simply need to log into itemit’s menu and within moments they can see where the asset is, it’s that simple. 

Should you move one of your fixed assets to another location, being able to track it can bring peace of mind. You can see where the asset’s last-known location was, allowing you to determine whether it’s being sent to the correct destination. Our location tracking feature brings with it a level of security that you may not have had otherwise. Additionally, it ensures that ghost assets are likely to be a thing of the past.

Organise Your Assets Using itemit’s Fixed Asset Tracking Software

Organise your assets using itemit’s fixed asset tracking software. When you do, you could find that accessing multiple details about your fixed assets is very easy. It’s no wonder that more and more businesses are now signing up to use our asset tracking software. No matter what type of business you run, the size of your business, or how long it’s been operating, we can help you. We’re a team of asset-tracking experts who can make organising your assets easier than you think.

Please feel free to contact a member of our team today to speak with them about our asset tracking software. You can reach them at Alternatively, you may wish to start a 14-day free trial so you can find out just how well our asset tracking software can work for you.

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