How to Optimise Your UK Asset Tracking System Usage

There are many ways you can get the most out of your UK asset tracking system. From tracking asset location to monitoring and managing maintenance, using asset tracking software can save you more time and more money if you’re getting the best out of it.

So, how do you get the most out of your UK asset tracking system? From leveraging features to making the most out of support, we have all the answers.


Use QR Code Asset Tags and Record Asset Location

First of all, you’ll want to use asset tags on your tools, equipment, and fixed assets. Asset tags help you link your assets to their digital profiles, making any changes to your assets quick and easy to record.

With QR code asset tags, all you need to do is scan the tag, and the asset’s profile will appear, ready to be edited. 

Using itemit, every time you scan the asset’s tag or label, the location of that asset is automatically recorded. This makes tracking usage and an asset’s last seen location simple, speeding up asset retrieval and increasing accountability.


qr code asset tags


Make the Most Out of your UK Asset Tracking System’s Features

There may be many features your UK asset tracking system has that you haven’t played around with, yet. We recommend taking full advantage of your asset management system’s features to increase your return on investment as much as possible.

Here are some of the most popular features in itemit that are clients use daily to track assets and equipment.



Collections are how you categorise your assets. You can share your entire asset register with your colleagues, or just one or a few collections. Therefore, if someone only needs access to, for example, your IT assets, you can share a collection of your IT assets with them.

Collections also help with reporting, as you can report on categories of assets via filtering by collection.


Using Collections for UK Asset Management

Hierarchical Locations

Hierarchical locations are how you can track your assets when they travel between sites or even between rooms in one building. This means it’s also possible to use reports to track how long an asset has been in each location.

If you see that some assets are moving around a lot more frequently, it’s clear that another one of those assets may be required to improve productivity.


tracking asset locations


With assignee, you can give your colleagues a smaller group of assets to track. Asset management software with assignee features allows you to split up your asset tracking into smaller, more manageable chunks.

Onboarding new members of staff is a lot simpler with assignees, too. If you need to give each new starter a laptop, a desk, and a monitor, then you can use the itemit assignee feature to record which pieces of equipment and hardware are given to each of your colleagues. Thanks to the itemit issues management feature, you can also then easily check if they’ve reported any issues against their items too.

Asset Booking System

An asset booking or equipment check in check out software shows you which assets are available for use and which are currently checked out.

You can check assets out for many reasons. If they’re being used by a colleague, or if they’re undergoing asset downtime for maintenance, or even if they’ve been rented out to another company, an asset booking system allows for across-the-board transparency for your workforce.

Reminders and Issues Management for Equipment Maintenance

Finally, your UK asset tracking system can be used for equipment maintenance and management. 

Get notifications on your phone for when reminders for calibrations, PAT tests, or routine maintenance is required. Then, use a bespoke issues management system to report required maintenance on the fly.

The best UK asset tracking systems allow anyone to report the issue using public profiles. A smart AI bot will then prioritise the issue by severity, ready to be queued for your maintenance team.

Tracking maintenance with public profiles

Make the Most out of Local UK Support

Finally, if you want to find out more or if you want to know if there are even more ways to improve your asset management processes, you can contact the local itemit support team.

The itemit team are more than happy to talk through all of your asset tracking requirements and your workflow. We have years of experience in solving your asset tracking issues, so get in touch now and we’ll get you started!

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