How to Get Started With Asset Tracking Software

How to Get Started With Asset Tracking Software

Asset Tracking Software can be hugely beneficial to many different businesses. Software such as this allows tools, equipment, devices, and other assets to be tracked at all times. Every asset that a business owns is important and knowing where each asset is can be priceless.

With the right software, users can help to prevent loss and theft. Additionally, assets can have a prolonged life due to the maintenance reminders that can be sent at specific intervals. The right tracking software can also aid in the understanding of how much a business is worth. Every asset has a value and this value can be added to the system. With this knowledge, businesses can make the right plans for the future.

The Importance of Fixed Asset Tracking

Sign Up to itemit

The very first step that needs to be taken involves signing up to itemit. Potential users can sign up quickly and easily here for a free trial.

Create An Asset List

The next stage involves creating an asset list. It’s imperative that users add every asset to the list. Doing so will ensure that accurate tracking can take place. Adding assets to lists can take time. However, once the work is done, itemit can take over. Thanks to the way that the software works, users can combine technologies in order to have more power and control over every asset.

itemit even has the ability to import CSV. files containing all of your assets data, so you won’t even have to start from scratch if you don’t want to! 

Assets can be separated into lists, allowing them to be found a little easier. For example, lists of the tools left onsite can be added. A list of the tools in the warehouse can be added, and so on. Users have the opportunity to choose which lists they add the assets to.

Add The Asset’s Details

itemit’s Asset Tracking Software allows users to add numerous details about each asset. For example, users can add the date of purchase, purchase price, insurance and warranty details, maintenance schedule, and depreciation value. Other pieces of information can also be added. 

When employees and management have access to an asset’s complete details and historical data it’s easier to understand the value of the asset. Additionally, the asset can be located within an instant, allowing the user to understand where the asset is.

Assign Assets to Individuals

itemit’s tracking software enables assets to be assigned to individuals. This feature ensures that only the right employee or employees have access to the assets. Additionally, those who need to use the asset in question can see who is currently using it, and why. 

Creating a user history allows management, for example, to understand how often the asset was used and who used it. Not only can this aid in product detection, but it can also allow managers to know how in-demand the asset is. If, for example, a piece of machinery is frequently passed around, purchasing another piece of machinery allows work to be undertaken when required. Employees will no longer have to wait as long to complete their work.

Assign Assets to Locations

It is possible to assign assets to particular locations, allowing teams and individual employees to use assets on location. Alternatively, assets can be assigned to collections. Knowing where an asset is at all times can be hugely beneficial. Ensuring that all employees have access to the tools, equipment and machinery they need ensures the right work can be undertaken. 

Households may find that itemit’s software is ideal for helping them to organise their belongings. For example, keeping a list of the items that are stored in the loft or cellar can be useful. With access to the app, individuals can find what they’re looking for all day, every day. 

Additionally, the easy-to-use software can make moving house much easier. As soon as an RFID or QR code is scanned, users will know where the box needs to be placed in the new house. There are many reasons as to how itemit can help, the only limit is the user’s imagination.

Start Using itemit’s Asset Tracking Software

itemit’s Asset Tracking Software exists to make life easier. Users can track and manage their assets easily. Some of the benefits that itemit brings is the ability to give users more time and more flexibility. The list of assets can be accessed at any time by anyone who has permission thanks to itemit having both an app and web portal! 

Your itemit workspace can be accessed from anywhere. This ensures that groups of workers or those working on their own can understand more about the assets in question.

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itemit’s Asset Tracking Software is shareable, and easy to use. Contact itemit today to find out how it can save you time and money. Reach our team at or fill in the form below so you can begin your 14-day free trial.

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