How to Enhance Visibility Over Your Businesses Tools

How to Enhance Visibility Over Your Businesses Tools

Ensuring that you know where your tools are at all times is vital. Should a tool go missing it can prove costly to replace it. The good news is that here at itemit we have a solution for you. Our construction tool tracking software allows you to track all of your tools all day, every day. What this means is that your visibility is enhanced. You can feel more confident about using your tools at multiple sites. 

Here’s how you can enhance the visibility of your business tools using our tool tracking software:

Create An Inventory Of Your Tools

One of the first steps to enhancing visibility is by creating an inventory. When you do, you can see which tools you have, and which tools you potentially need more of. An inventory that’s stored on paper or a spreadsheet, however, can only do so much. When you use itemit’s construction tool tracking that’s when you start to see where your tools are and what condition they’re in. 

Users of itemit’s software simply need to enter all of the tools into the software. This can be achieved via a desktop site or mobile app. As soon as a tool has been added, it’s possible to input a lot of detail about it. Users can add a wide range of detail about every tool such as:

  • The tool’s name and serial number 
  • Date and price of purchase 
  • Current estimated value
  • Current estimated resale value
  • Estimated lifespan 
  • Insurance and warranty information
  • Photographs for easy identification 
  • Notes for future users
  • Maintenance schedule 
  • Current user 
  • User history
  • The tool’s current location
  • And so much more

As soon as an inventory has been created a huge amount of data will be created for each tool. This data can prove to be very useful to those who wish to track their tools all day, every day.

Business Asset Tracking

Location Tracking

One of the major benefits of using construction tool tracking software is the location data it provides. Users can see where each of their tools is at any given moment. As long as the tools in question have a QR code or RFID tag attached they can be tracked. The tag needs to be scanned so that data about a tool can be added to the software. 

From the moment the QR code is scanned it is possible to start tracking the tool’s location. It’s this that can enhance visibility, ensuring users know where the tool is at all times. Simply by logging into itemit’s software it’s possible to see the tool’s last-known location which is recorded upon each scan. 

This feature can prove to be hugely beneficial when tools are sent to multiple locations. It can potentially help with security as users of the tools will know they are being tracked. Additionally, should a tool get left at a specific site, it’s possible to see where it is. This makes retrieval of the tool relatively easy.

The Value of Your Tools

Another benefit of using itemit’s construction tool tracking software is it can help you to understand the value of your tools. When the estimated current value of each tool has been added, it’s possible to see how much value they have. 

Knowing the overall value of your tools can prove to be hugely beneficial. It can help businesses to understand whether they are moving in the right direction. Additionally, users can see where more tools are needed. This allows business owners to make clearer decisions about their budgets and spending. With this information, construction businesses can potentially move in the right direction. 

The ability to update records using bulk actions ensures that having multiple numbers of the same tools means updating is easy. Users will no longer need to access every single tool in the menu. They can simply choose to update their records with ease, saving a lot of time.

Use itemit’s Construction Tool Tracking Software

itemit’s construction tool tracking exists to help businesses enhance visibility. Thanks to the way that the software works, it’s easier than ever to track many different aspects of your tools. Not only is this very convenient but it can save a lot of time. Users can simply update the software with the required information and get on with their day. It’s no wonder that more and more businesses are now using itemit to help them enhance the visibility of their business tools. 

Why not find out just how well itemit’s construction tool tracking can work for you? Reach out to our friendly and helpful team today. You can contact them at Alternatively, you could choose to opt for our 14-day free trial so you can have a real hands-on experience of just how well our software works. Fill in the form below to get started.

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