How Her Majesty The Queen Could Track Her Royal Assets

How Her Majesty The Queen Could Track Her Royal Assets

Here at itemit, we know that our Asset Tracking Software can track anything at any time.

Many of us have the Queen in our thoughts right now. As a result, we thought why not take a look at how Her Majesty could track her Royal assets.

It’s likely that HRH has more assets than she realises. Keeping track of some or all of her assets is no mean feat. The good news is that tracking the things she loves most is possible.

The Best Asset Tracking Implementations And Use Cases

What Could the Queen Track?

HRH Queen Elizabeth II could track a wide variety of assets. These include:

  • Her jewels
  • Her crowns
  • Her corgis
  • Her handbags
  • Her hats
  • And much more!

It doesn’t matter why the Queen would want to track her Royal assets, the most important thing is that she can. Tracking assets using itemit’s tracking software is incredibly easy. With the ability to track just about anything, businesses, organisations, and British Royalty can benefit. 

Should the Queen be concerned about her favourite garments, books, letter openers, or anything else, she can track them. Her Majesty can track anything she wishes. This is what helps to make itemit’s tracking software so good.

How The Queen Could Track Her Royal Assets

Thanks to the way that itemit’s Asset Tracking Software works, the Queen can easily track her assets. All that HRH or anyone else needs to do is:

  • Sign up for itemit’s 14-day Free Trial
  • Attach a QR code or RFID tag to the chosen assets
  • Scan the tag using the itemit app and create an asset profile 
  • Fill in the menus
  • Save your progress
  • Enjoy using the high-quality tracking software

Tracking assets is really simple and the technology used to track the assets works well. As soon as the QR code or RFID is scanned, tracking is possible. Filling in the menus can take time if users wish to add as many details about the assets as possible, but here at itemit we can speed up the process of adding your assets using our import feature. Just import a CSV. file with all of your assets listed into the system, and watch those turn into asset profiles! Once this is done, the hard work is over.

Using itemit to Track Anything

Users such as Her Majesty, can log into itemit’s software and locate anything they please.

The Queen could even see where all of her corgis were last seen, should they have a QR code attached to their collar, the HRH can see the dog’s last-known location providing the tag has been scanned when the dog was last seen, the app will even people able to tell you who had last seen the dog in question!  You really could tailor itemit to track absolutely anything!

For example the Queens most precious assets from jewels to paintings may require a more descrete asset tag enabling them to be tracked. The most suited tag for these types of asset are RFID tags. You can easily add RFID tags to the backs of paintings and hidden under their frames, or in the jewels protective casing. Providing the Queen installs RFID readers around the palace and her other royal locations, each time an asset tagged passes a reader, it’s location will be reocorded. This type of tracking eliminates the need to manually scan asset tags, and therefore makes tracking so much easier. 

Further examples with QR tags: should the Queen wish to take her favourite handbag to Buckingham Palace, she can locate it thanks to itemit and its asset tracking system. Her Majesty can see where her lady-in-waiting last scanned its tag, to know where it had been put and ask her to retrieve it.

The system can offer even further benefits with its collections features enabling the Queen to have all of her assets recorded in an asset list and put into catergories making it super easy to know how many of each asset she has in an organised manner. 

How The Queen Could Benefit From Tracking Her Royal Assets

Tracking assets is easy, but it’s not always clear what the benefits are. There are, in fact, many benefits to using the right Asset Tracking Software. 

These benefits include: 

  • Always knowing where assets such as jewels are
  • Being able to access insurance and warranty information
  • Knowing where a vehicle is using GPS trackers (Such as the Queen’s favourite car)
  • Being alerted when an asset needs to undergo maintenance with itemit’s reminders feature
  • Being able to update the menus when the Asset Tracking Software is being used
  • Having the ability to request the use of a particular asset, such as HRH’s favourite hat

There are many different benefits to using the right tracking software. Thanks to the way that it works, it is possible to make life much easier at the touch of a button. 

A servant in the Royal household, for example, may spot that that’s an issue with one of the Queen’s tiaras. Logging into itemit and requesting that the maintenance team repair the tiara can help. The maintenance team will know that the tiara needs repairing, and the servant will know the job will soon be completed. 

What this means is that the next time Queen Elizabeth II wishes to wear the tiara in question, it will be in prime condition for Her majesty. 

Businesses and organisations everywhere can track all of the assets they have. From fixed assets such as machinery to assets used in multiple locations such as cars. All that users need to do is attach an RFID tag or QR code and they can start tracking. It really is that simple.

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