How Does Asset Register Software Work?

How Does Asset Register Software Work?

Asset register software gives you a tidy way to log, view, and manage your assets. You get unique asset profiles that you can add data and information to. All of this data is then pulled into an exportable report that you can hand over to your accounts team.

Overall, asset register software gives you a quick, simple, and effective way to track and manage your assets. This is true whether you’re tracking fixed assets, tools and equipment, anything!

The control and visibility you get over your assets in turn saves you a lot of time and money and keeps your operations running smoothly.

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Should You Use An Excel Asset Register?

So, why go for asset register software instead of using an excel spreadsheet? Spreadsheets are tempting as they’re free, but you still save more money using software.

This is as spreadsheets are unwieldy and create gaps. If you think about your asset register as a spreadsheet, each piece of critical information is confined to a single cell. Every time an asset changes, this singular cell becomes out of date.

It quickly becomes an impossible task to keep an excel asset register up to date, and an out of date asset register is a breeding ground for lost funds and lost assets.

With asset register software, you manage the data in a different way and then export it. This means that each snapshot you export is up to date, accurate, and usable.

What Is Asset Register Software?

Asset register software is a system where you can log assets uniquely in individual profiles. In other words, if you’re implementing IT asset management operations, each of your laptops will have a unique profile.

This way, you can track unique information against your assets. For example, if an asset has an issue, you’ll be able to log the issue against the asset in its own profile.

Therefore, if you need to see what the issue is, where the asset is, who reported the issue, and when the asset was purchased it’s all in a single, neat profile.

You can use asset tags to speed up your operations further, too. These are QR codes or barcodes that contain a unique code that links to your asset. Every time you scan an asset’s tag:

  • The asset’s profile opens, ready for updates
  • The last seen location updates
  • The user who scanned the tag updates
  • The time of the scan updates

How Asset Register Software Saves You Time And Money

As you get more control and clarity over your assets, you can mitigate a number of issues. In essence, asset register software saves you money in the same way an excel asset register is intended to, the difference being that software gives you more speed and visibility.

This speed and visibility is critical in saving you money. As there are fewer potential gaps in your operations, the risk of ghost and zombie assets is significantly reduced. This reduction in risk is where you’ll find a significant amount of your ROI.

Then, the fact that your asset tracking operations are reduced to mere moments instead of hours also saves you money as you’ll be able to perform operations with much greater ease at a much greater speed, saving you time for other priorities.

itemit’s Asset Management Software

itemit’s asset management software gives you the ability to log, track, manage, and control your assets. With easy-to-use features, such as an equipment booking system, and a clean UI, asset tracking issues are a thing of the past.

With itemit, you can collect the data in a few moments and export it into a pdf or spreadsheet, ready for you to use for tax and insurance purposes. Overall, itemit gives you speed and it gives you accountability.

To find out more about how itemit’s asset management software can help your business, you can contact the team at You can also fill in the form below to start your 14-day free trial.

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