How Best to Manage Your Company’s Hardware

How Best to Manage Your Company’s Hardware

Most companies want to do what they can to save both time and money. The good news is that this is entirely possible when using the right hardware management software. Here at itemit, we can offer you the tools you need to help you manage your company’s hardware.

Using a Hardware Management System

When you use a hardware management system you effectively take the guesswork out of managing all of your hardware. With the right system, you can see where all of your assets are, and how they’re performing. In addition to this, your asset register will be transparent and completely readable. 

Our software ensures that you can also automate many of the operations your company performs daily. As a result, you can save both time and money. Additionally, it will be possible for you to log much more data and keep track of every asset all day, every day.

Business Asset Tracking

How The Right Software Works

Our management software works by allowing you to create a hardware asset register. You will also be able to manage assets in groups and individually, should you wish to. 

Let’s imagine that you want to track an office computer. You simply need to upload it to our software and you can start the tracking process. Attaching a QR or barcode to the computer will allow you to monitor many different aspects of the computer. When you scan the QR or barcode it can be assigned to the asset in question. As a result, the next time the code is scanned, a whole host of information can appear. 

Users can enter a lot of information about each asset such as the asset’s:

  • Make and model number or name
  • Serial number
  • Insurance information
  • Warranty information
  • Last-known location
  • Current and previous users
  • Maintenance record
  • Date of purchase
  • Cost at purchase
  • Estimated current value
  • Estimated resale value
  • Estimated life span
  • Photograph
  • Instruction manual
  • And a range of other details

Users do not need to scan a QR or barcode in order to retrieve the above information. Rather, it is possible to log into itemit’s menu, select the asset in question and select the required information. As a result, the details that have previously been entered will be readily available. This can help to save a lot of time as it makes processes so much easier. 

You may no longer need to search far and wide for an instruction manual, for example. If it’s been uploaded to itemit’s software it can be accessed within moments. Selecting the appropriate menu will allow you to access the instruction manual with ease. Therefore, you can save time and get the hardware asset in question up and running again.

The Benefits of Hardware Management

There are many clear advantages when using itemit’s management software. We have already seen that users can save a lot of time. However, it’s also possible to save money. This is because when every asset is tracked ghost assets are a lot less likely to be an issue. 

Ghost assets are those assets that may become lost or stolen. Assets such as these may still be accounted for which means a company may think its assets are worth a specific value. Ghost assets can also be created when an asset is broken but it has not yet been repaired. Rather, it sits on a shelf in a warehouse or store cupboard and is no longer used. As a result, the company in question is unable to make good use of all of its assets. 

This is where our hardware management software can help. When every single asset is tracked, it is possible to see where they all are. Any asset that has been lost or stolen can, therefore, be retrieved. This ensures that companies can use all of the hardware assets that they have on their books. 

Another benefit of using our management software is that companies can have a lot of data to hand. It is possible to export reports so users can see how well the company is performing. This can be useful as it can help the company to have a better idea about its future.

Use itemit’s Hardware Management Software Today

itemit’s hardware management software has proven time and time again to be highly effective. It continues to help companies everywhere to track all of their hardware with ease. You too can make use of all that our software has to offer. Many other companies around the globe have discovered how well itemit works for them, now you can do the same. 

Reach out to our friendly and professional team today to find out how our management software can help you. You can contact them at Alternatively, you could opt for our 14-day free trial and start managing your hardware today. Fill in the form below to get started.

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