1. Contents of the box

  • In your box, you will find: Your GPS tracker, a USB cable, and a plug.
GPS Tracker box contents

2. Charge your GPS tracker

      • Take the USB cable and insert the USB end into the plug.
      • Remove the rubber flap from the GPS tracker so it hangs free, then insert the micro-USB into the GPS tracker.
      • Plug in your tracker to begin charging it.
    adding related items
    GPS Tracker, Charging

    3. Add your GPS tracker to an item to begin tracking

    • Note: GPS Trackers can only be added using the web portal.
    • In itemit, find the item you want to track with the tracker. If the item doesn’t yet exist, you can add it by pressing “add new item” and adding a name, serial number and, if required, description. 
    • Then click the profile of the item, in the “tags” section, click “Add”.
    Add Your GPS Tag

    • Here you need to enter the IMEI number of the tracker.
    • To find the IMEI number of your tracker, remove the tamper-proof pad, and you’ll find it on the label on the tracker below the barcode.
    • Enter the IMEI number in the box. Double-check if there are any capitals or numbers. Please do not enter ‘IMEI’ into the box, please only enter the 15 digit number.
    • Then click “save”.
    • You’ll then see your GPS tracker screen. It may take a few moments for this screen to update.
    • Now your tracker has been associated with the item.

    4. Attach GPS tracker to item

    • First, you’ll want to clean the item you’re attaching the GPS tracker to.
    • Then, uncover the 3M adhesive stickers on the tamper-proof pad by removing the peel.
    • Finally, you can stick your GPS tracker to your item.

    5. Location update settings

    • Your tracker is set to update every 15 Minutes when an item is moving, and every 60 Minutes when it is stationary.
    • If you require a more or less frequent update, contact us at team@itemit.com.

    6. Live location update

    • In addition to the scheduled location updates, you can also ask your tracker to tell you where it is at any time.
    • To do this, go to the item you’re interested in, then click on the GPS icon. Note: this is only available on the web portal. 
    • Then click “update”.
    itemit GPS Tracker icon
    • Your tracker will now give you its live location Note: this can take a few minutes to update.
    Update GPS Location

    Need A Helping Hand?

    If you have any questions at all, give us a call on 01223 421611 or drop us an email team@itemit.com.

    Need more GPS Trackers?

    Order some more GPS Trackers today by calling us on 01223 421611 or dropping us an email with how many you need to team@itemit.com.