How Does A Fixed Asset Register Help Save You Money?

How Does A Fixed Asset Register Help Save You Money?

A fixed asset register provides you with an accurate way to view your assets and information related to them. The best fixed asset registers are fluid and streamlined and have a system behind them that automatically updates their data. 

This is where you save the most money, with accuracy and accountability. Therefore, a snapshot of your assets won’t help when it comes to the intricacies of tax and insurance, but an automated, streamlined asset register will.

So, how does an effective fixed asset register help save you money?

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Provide Accurate Asset Records

First and foremost, your fixed asset register is used to show a business record of the fixed assets you own. This is immediately helpful as it immediately reduces the risk of duplicate purchases, for example.

So, even without any asset-specific data added, a fixed asset register already saves you money as just a log of what you own by allowing you to cross-check your business’ belongings against purchases.

In the same vein, accurate asset data is also usable. When you start adding columns of pricing information and warranty dates and maintenance histories and placing that against assets, you can use this data in other ways to extend asset life and usage.

This is why it’s critical to use a system that keeps your assets up to date. Any time an asset changes, whether it’s because it has changed hands or undergone maintenance, your fixed asset register becomes outdated that same instant.

Fixed Asset Management Software Benefits

Fixed asset management software curbs the risk of outdated asset records as it gives multiple people a quick way to keep them up to date. In other words, instead of one person monitoring a spreadsheet for hours a day, you get the ability to update asset data onsite and in an instant.

Using fixed asset tags, you can scan your assets into your fixed asset management software. Then, you can continue to use these tags to open up relevant asset profiles, ready for you to report issues, check assets out, add critical information and more.

Every time you scan an asset’s tag, the last seen location also updates as well as the user who scanned the tag and the time of the scan. This gives you an audit trail of where all of your assets have been and who has been interacting with them.

Keep Asset Data Up To Date

The ability to use fixed asset management features saves you time and keeps your fixed asset register up to date. Time-saving benefits, for example, save you money as you have more time to both generate revenue and get more things completed.

Up to date asset data is essential as, without an accurate fixed asset register, you run the risk of various problems including ghost and zombie assets and, therefore, tax-related fines and higher insurance premiums.

Accurate asset registers reduce risks with asset purchases, asset losses, asset misuse and help to mitigate the effects of asset theft. Any risks related to your assets are reduced when you’re monitoring your assets’ behaviour properly, saving you money.

Maintain Transparency With Your Fixed Asset Register

Overall, transparency, fluidity and accuracy are key when it comes to saving money with your fixed asset register. If you don’t have one of these, your systems fall apart.

This is why fixed asset tracking software saves you the most money overall as it’s the only system that can reliably give you all three at once. With a spreadsheet, you only have transparency and accuracy once in a while, just after an audit where asset tracking software gives this to you every single day.

itemit’s fixed asset management software gives you a reliable and helpful suite of features as well as an automated fixed asset register that you can manipulate, edit and export.

itemit is used worldwide by companies tracking their fixed assets in every industry. To find out more about how itemit can save your business money, you can contact the team at You can also fill in the form below to start your 14-day free trial.

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