The Benefits Of Fixed Asset Inventory Tags

The Benefits Of Fixed Asset Inventory Tags

Fixed asset inventory tags save your business time and money. This is as they optimise existing operations and unlock a wide range of effective fixed asset management features.

With fixed asset inventory tags, you can:

  • audit your assets
  • retrieve asset profiles
  • automate location tracking
  • bulk book and check out assets
  • update asset inventories

Overall, features such as these save you a lot of time and money as they allow you to perform actions with simple scans as opposed to needing more clicks and investigation to update your records.

What Is The Best Fixed Asset Tracking Software 2021?

What Are Fixed Asset Inventory Tags?

use them with a check in check out software, construction equipment asset tracking software, IT asset management software, anything.

The principle is that fixed asset tags contain a unique code. This code then links to a unique asset. So, in practice, you can stick a fixed asset inventory tag onto a laptop and then link the two in your software. Your software will then recognise that the tag corresponds with the laptop.

After you’ve tagged your assets, you will start to see benefits and speed efficiencies straight away as if you need to report an issue, you simply need to scan an asset’s tag and hit a button. This shows which asset has an issue and what the issue is with ease and with no searching.

Every time you scan an asset’s tag, too, the last seen location, user who scanned the tag and the time of the scan updates. This gives you a tidy audit trail and will help you pinpoint where assets were if issues occur.

How Do Fixed Asset inventory Tags Save You Time And Money?

Fixed asset inventory tags open up a range of capabilities that save you time and money. For example, if you need to double-check all of your assets that should be in a room are still there, you can run a speedy audit simply by scanning all of your assets’ tags.

The money you save is through a reduction in human error and an increase in transparency and accountability. As your assets are tagged, there’s no risk that the wrong asset will have an issue reported against it, for example.

The ability to log, monitor, and update information related to unique assets also means that duplicate purchases are less likely, and the ability to create an audit trail reduces the chances of asset loss.

Using Fixed Asset Management Software

Fixed asset management software links your inventory tags with an effective cloud-based system. On your fixed asset management software, you will be able to log unique asset profiles and add data to them. 

This is where you can add depreciation information, for example, or maintenance history. Any data that you need to log against your assets you can do so here. Then, you can run handy reports for tax or insurance purposes.

Fixed asset inventory tags then speed up all of your fixed asset management operations by unlocking the ability to scan assets, update information with ease and perform bulk actions.

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