Keep Your Customers Happy: Use An Equipment Tracking System

Keep Your Customers Happy: Use An Equipment Tracking System

Keeping your customers happy should be your priority. It does not matter what industry you work in or where your customers should be at the forefront of all that you do. Unfortunately, it can be hard to keep everyone happy all of the time. Customers can be demanding but, at the end of the day, your business exists for and because of them. So, no matter what you think of your customers, keeping them happy is paramount. 

Did you know that when you use an equipment tracking system to its advantage you can keep your customers happy? Here’s how:

Updating The Status Of Your Deliveries

Let’s imagine you’ve just manufactured, purchased, or repaired a product and it’s time to deliver it. When you use an equipment tracking system you can show your customers the status of the delivery. For example, you could share some tracking information with them so they’re aware of what’s happening. Even in this day and age, some businesses still fail to update their customers. This is never a good thing as it means everyone is kept waiting. However, when you share tracking information, customers can see where their goods are. As a result, they are more likely to be happy with your service.

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Repairing Your Customer’s Products

Have you just repaired something that belongs to a customer? Do they know the status of the repair? Perhaps you could use a reliable equipment tracking system that updates them. You could, for example, affix a QR code to the product or its packaging. The QR code can be checked in and out of each department. For example, once the product has been received by you it could be marked as “Received”. Then, the product could be added to the repair queue, examined, repaired, awaiting delivery, and sent out for delivery. If and when your customers know what’s happening every step of the way they are more likely to be happy.

Some customers entrust companies to repair their products and they expect a first class service. Unfortunately, this is not always something that they receive. The customer could send their radio, for example, for repair and fail to hear a word until it’s arrived back at their home. This is not very good customer service unless the repair has taken less than a week. Ensuring that your customers know where their radios are by sharing screenshots of the tracking updates can help.

Keeping Everyone Updated

It’s fair to say that customers love to be updated. Whether they have purchased something shiny or they’re returning a product for a refund, updates are always good. Many businesses send occasional emails to customers regarding their products. However, the emails received could be few and far between. What would be good is if customers received an email every time the status of their product was updated. For example, someone from your quality control team could check a box each time a radio was manufactured or repaired. Upon the box being checked, a screenshot of the radio’s status could be sent to the customer. Alternatively, an email could automatically be generated. Once the radio has been sent out for delivery, a screenshot or an email could be generated. 

As long as everyone is kept up to date, they’re more likely to be happy. Customers can no longer be kept in the dark and be expected to be happy. These days, they expect so much more. The good news is that when you use a modern and reliable equipment tracking system you can offer them so much more.

Communication Is Key

As you can no doubt see, communication with your customers is key. And using an equipment tracking system can help with this. A system such as this could help you to keep everyone happy with little effort from you. There’s no reason why you could not craft a nice and friendly message to send to your customers along with your screenshots or emails. While the messages you send may not be particularly personalised, an update is an update. 

Consider using an equipment tracking system to help you keep your customers happy. They could see when products are once again in stock. You could show whether you’re waiting for some spare parts or if their order has reached the production line. While some customers may be happy with a little communication, others will only ever be happy with a lot. So, make sure you do what you can to keep everyone happy and offer your customers the chance to decide how much communication they’d like. Once they’ve decided you can offer them a service they’ll be happy with. 

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