itemit: A Simple Solution to Reducing the Risk of Lost Tools

itemit: A Simple Solution to Reducing the Risk of Lost Tools

Here at itemit, we understand the importance of construction equipment tracking. Using the right tracking tool, you can reduce the risk of lost tools. Every year, construction companies across the world lose tools. Thanks to the way that our construction equipment tracking software works, you too can lose fewer tools, if any at all. Read on to find out more.

Create An Asset Register

Construction equipment tracking will be more of a success if an asset register is created. To create a register, users simply need to open up itemit’s menu and add a new tool. When all of the tools that a construction company owns are added, an asset register is created. 

It is also possible to add machinery, vehicles, and anything else to the asset register. As a result, users can have an asset register that consists of every tool and piece of equipment owned. 

A range of details about each asset can be added to the register. Details such as an asset’s make and model number, name, insurance and warranty details, date of and price at purchase, estimated current value, instruction booklet, and more. When all of the above information has been added, it allows for easier access to information about each tool. While this information is unlikely to help to reduce the risk of losing tools, it can be very useful to access.

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Affix Barcodes To Each Asset

Affixing barcodes to each asset ensures that they can be tracked easily. Each tool will have a unique barcode that can be assigned to it. When the barcode is scanned, information about the tool will appear. This is the information that has previously been entered about the tool. 

Should someone wish to locate the tool, they simply need to access the menu. Upon selecting the tool in question, they will be shown a menu. From this menu, users can see where the tool is. The tool’s last-known location will be shown, allowing users to track the tool at all times.

It’s itemit’s location tracking feature that can dramatically help construction companies to reduce loss. When tools are tracked around the clock they’re less likely to go missing or be stolen. As long as the barcode remains on the tools, they will be tracked. The good news is that every barcode has been made to last a very long time. 

Custom tags that feature your company’s branding and logo can even be supplied. Our custom tags work in the same way as our regular barcodes, allowing you to track your tools all day, every day.

Track Your Tool’s Location

Thanks to the way that our construction equipment tracking software works, you can track every tool’s location. Users simply need to log into our software and select a tool from the menu. Within moments, it is possible to see where the tool’s last-known location is. 

Location tracking can improve the level of security as users know where each tool is. Tools are less likely to go missing or become damaged when they are tracked. This ultimately means the money that would have otherwise been spent replacing tools can be diverted elsewhere. As a result, construction companies can potentially save money.

Eliminate Ghost Assets

Our construction equipment tracking software can help you to eliminate ghost assets. When you have the ability to track all of your tools you know who has them and where the tools are. 

Thanks to our check in and check out feature, you can have more control over your tools. Your team will be unable to use a single tool without checking it out. Once they’ve finished using the tool in question, they simply need to check it back in. As a result, you will always know who has your tools and where they are. This means you’re a lot less likely to have assets go missing. This ultimately means you won’t have to spend as much money replacing missing tools.

Reduce The Risk By Using itemit’s Construction Equipment Tracking Software

It’s entirely possible for you to reduce the risk of lost tools by using itemit’s construction equipment tracking software. Construction companies everywhere are now understanding how important it is for them to use the right tracking software. 

You too can track all of your tools so that you’re a lot less likely to lose them. With the right tracking software, you can potentially save money and help to boost your business. With less money spent on replacing lost tools, the cash can be diverted elsewhere. Talk to our professional and friendly team today about how itemit can help you. You can reach our team at Alternatively, you could choose to sign up for our 14-day free trial to find out just how well our tracking software can work for you.

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