Check In Check Out Software And Its Benefits

Check In Check Out Software And Its Benefits

Consider you had to take an important piece of kit home after work on Friday to finish some stuff working from home over the next week. You remember telling your manager you’re taking it home and they approved of it. 

Come Monday, someone needed the same piece of hardware but couldn’t find it. They asked the manager about it, but they, for some reason, completely forget it’s with you or that you informed them before you took it. 

The ensuing office frenzy is a story for another day, but the time and energy wasted is what we want to address. Not only did other employees lose out on time and energy during that time, not to mention the mental toll it takes when you can’t find a crucial company asset, but you had to go through something even more difficult. Turning up with something everyone was looking for can be embarrassing. 

What’s more? You did nothing wrong. 

This wouldn’t have happened if your company used check in check out software. Things would’ve gone smoothly for you and your colleagues. Let’s talk a bit about equipment checkout software, how it works and the many benefits it has to offer.

Different Uses For Equipment Checkout Software

How Does Check In Check Out Software Work?

Check in check out software is the perfect solution for any company that has to manage a wide range of tools and equipment and employees frequently have to take assets out of the workplace. With this application, employees can book tools and equipment beforehand so that they’re sure an asset is available when they need it. Furthermore, using equipment checkout software is as easy as it gets.

Whenever an employee has to take an asset out of the workplace, they just need to press the ‘Check Out’ button on the asset profile, that’s it. The item is then marked checked out by a particular employee. This way, everyone can see who has what and for how long.

When returning a piece of equipment to the office, checking in is as simple as checking out. Just select the ‘Check In’ button and you’re done.   

Asset tagging can make check in check out software work even better because every asset has its unique identity with its own asset tag. Just scan an asset, and mark it checked out or the other way around easily.

What are the Benefits of Check In Check Out Software?

  • Prevent asset misplacement/theft
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased transparency
  • Better management of remote work

Prevent Asset Misplacement/Theft

One of the leading reasons behind lost or stolen business assets are inefficient and irregular equipment check in and check out practices. Without such a software solution in place, you can never have a clear view of the assets that employees check in and check out on a daily basis.

If, for instance, your employees are moving dozens of assets back and forth every day, it’s very probable that more and more assets will start disappearing with time. The worst part is you won’t even notice it until something really important goes missing or you notice a considerable gap in asset requirements and availability. 

Check in check out software puts an end to this because now you know who checked out which assets and who to hold accountable in case an asset goes missing. This instils a greater sense of accountability within employees to keep company assets safe as long as they’re in their custody.

Increased Productivity

Check in check out software saves you and your employees time in more than a few ways. Firstly, the booking option enables you to ensure the availability of an asset when you need it. This way, you can plan ahead and not be worried about your work plans being spoiled just because someone else is using an asset. 

If you work in construction or any other tool-intensive company, you’d know how much time is wasted every day trying to recover tools and equipment. You can save on all of that wasted time when you have equipment checkout software. You can tell which assets are out of the workplace, who has them and the expected check in time in a matter of seconds.

Increased Transparency

Transparency and accountability are two very crucial aspects of successful company culture. The two characteristics can be applied to everything from employee performance to financial transparency. Let’s see how check in check out software helps enhance the following characteristics for your business. 

To begin with, you have all the information you need about all your assets available to you at all times. This means complete transparency in asset management that solves the ghost and zombie assets problem effectively.

You can also obtain various valuable insight reports like information on asset utilisation. This enables you to be well-informed when making asset-related decisions in the future.

Better Management of Remote Work

The best part about working with check in check out software is that it can be shared with a lot of users at the same time. This means more than one person can take care of asset tracking at the same time.

This is especially important with remote work or when you’ve got a lot of different employees and assets to manage across  a lot of different locations. Managers can now track down company assets like never before.

For instance, how do you track assets that are going to be passed among different employees while being out of the office at all times? How do you distribute assets and supplies among employees working from home?

All of this and much more can easily be accomplished with check in check out software.

itemit’s Booking And Check In Check Out Software

itemit gives you a single, centralised platform to log, monitor, track, and update your assets. This automated, transparent and effective check in check out system reduces gaps in your asset management to zero. Moreover, it’s a scalable system. You can also use it for other purposes like fixed asset management, IT asset management, and more.

To find out more about how itemit’s check in check out software can help you, you can contact the team at or fill in the form below to start your 14-day free trial.

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