How do I add a user?

Note: You need to be an Enterprise user to add other users to your team.

Start your free 14-day trial of itemit Enterprise here.

Already got the app? Head to the menu and tap ‘Upgrade to Enterprise’

Next, log in to the itemit web portal here.

1. Click on the Users option in the left menu.

2. Click the + New User option in the left menu.

3. Fill in the email address of the user you would like to add in the email field.

4. Choose which Access Role the new user should have.

5. Click the Invite button to send an invitation email to the new user.

What’s next? Your new user will complete the setup of their account. Once complete, the user will become an Active user, rather than a Pending user.

How do I buy asset tags?

1. Visit the itemit Asset Tags page or click on the page on the website.

2. Scroll down to the contact form.

3. Fill out your details & requirements in the form and submit.

We’ll be in touch shortly with options and prices!.

OR  Scan one of the following QR tags using the itemit app to tag an asset right now!

How do I identify an asset?

1. Tap the itemit logo in the top right corner.

2. Scan the asset’s tag using your device’s camera.

3. Up pops the asset’s profile page.

Here you can see who the asset belongs to, where it’s supposed to be and more!

How do I clone an asset?

1. Tap the asset which you would like to clone from the items list.

2. Tap the clone icon at the bottom right of the asset’s profile.

3. You can edit the Name, Description and Serial Number of the new asset.

Note that only the attributes shown are copied over.

4. Confirm clone by tapping the Save button in the top right corner.

5. Ta daa, now you’ve got a clone of your original asset.

How do I start my free trial of itemit Enterprise?

1. Tap the menu button in the top left corner of the itemit app.

2. Tap “Upgrade to Enterprise”.

3. Tap “Start your 14-day free trial”.

4. Enter the name of your Enterprise.

5. Tap the create button to create your Enterprise account.

6. Success, now you’ve got an Enterprise account.

Tap OK to close the popup.

7. Tap the menu icon.

8. Now you can see your Enterprise account name in the menu!

Note: Now you’re an Enterprise user you can access the itemit web portal. Here you can invite your colleagues to join your account, run reports on your asset data and export your data into Excel.