What Is The Best Fixed Asset Tracking Software 2021?

What Is The Best Fixed Asset Tracking Software 2021?

Fixed asset tracking software benefits your business by allowing you to control your asset movements and finances. Having a clear view of the assets you own, where they are, and how they’re being used saves you money. Being able to do this quickly saves you time.

This is why the best fixed asset tracking software in 2021 allows for shareability, automation, and customisability.

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What Is Fixed Asset Tracking Software?

Fixed asset tracking software is a system which allows you to log unique asset profiles onto a digital fixed asset register. Then, you’ll be able to add crucial asset information, such as depreciation data and asset finances.

This all comes together with the use of asset tags, which allow you to track asset movements, and with the use of handy reporting features. Overall, as you’ll be able to run audits with asset tags and update locations and other data quickly, having a report that automatically integrates this information is crucial.

Your fixed asset register will be exportable from these reports as a pdf or excel file, ready for further edits or to send to your maintenance, finance, or insurance teams.

As it’s automated and effective, you will speed up many of your business’ existing operations using fixed asset tracking software.

Best Fixed Asset Management Functionality

Other than the ability to log assets and asset data, there must be a suite of helpful and effective features to improve your existing operations. This is why the best fixed asset tracking software allows you to perform a range of different operations.

For example, you will be able to use your fixed asset tracking software as equipment checkout software, too. This way, if you’re tracking tools and equipment, you’ll be able to track equipment hires, while also minimising asset downtime by indicating asset availability to your team.

You can also use effective issue management features to track issues to an asset level. What this means is that every time you notice and issue, you simply need to scan an asset’s tag and report it. Your maintenance team will be notified and a fix will be underway sooner. 

You will also be able to add attachments against assets in the best fixed asset tracking software. This means that you can speed up training and maintenance as you can have equipment manuals attached to the corresponding profiles.

itemit’s Asset Tracking Software

itemit’s asset tracking software is shareable, too, which means you can lessen the burden on a single colleague. What this means is that your entire team can contribute to your asset management operations, saving everyone time while also creating a totally clear picture of your asset information.

Overall, itemit has a range of helpful asset tracking features which help you get more clarity, save more time, and keep a high ROI by losing fewer assets, avoiding ghost and zombie assets, and more.

To find out more about how itemit can help your business save time and money, you can contact the team at team@itemit.com. You can also fill in the form below to start your 14-day free trial.

Best Fixed Asset Tracking Software 2021

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