benefits of IT asset management software for small businesses

Even if you’re a small company with less than 50 employees, IT asset management software can be just as beneficial for you as it is for companies who employ thousands of staff and track many tens of thousands of IT assets. It might even be more beneficial for you.

Having IT asset management software in place means that you can track who has your assets, where they are, their value, condition and performance. The right IT asset management software will give your small business a boost in productivity and efficiency, providing you with a quick and significant return on your investment.

But how exactly will your small business benefit?


7 Benefits of Small Business IT Asset Management Software

  1. All your data, in one centralised system
  2. Streamline your processes
  3. Access your data from anywhere with cloud-based asset management software
  4. Future-proof your small business for growth
  5. Share the burden of IT asset management
  6. Monitor asset performance and condition
  7. Ensure the business is fully compliant 

Next, we’ll delve a little deeper into each benefit and discuss how your small business will be boosted as a result of IT asset management software.

1. All your asset data, in one centralised system

In terms of IT assets, your laptops, phones, tablets, keyboards, monitors and projectors all count and these are just some of the IT assets needed for your business to thrive. IT asset management software lets you store all this critical data in one safe place that you and your team can access from anywhere.

2. Streamline your processes

We often hear stories of businesses who have many systems that overlap, some contain most information but then there’s also an old system which contains some data so if you want the full picture, you’ve got to dig for it. Not only that, but you might be using one system for recording serial numbers and linking to purchase orders, another for recording who has which assets and a trusty spreadsheet for where each asset is supposed to be. Good IT asset management software will allow you to streamline your management processes and use just one system to access all of your asset data.

3. Access your data from anywhere with cloud-based asset management software

Traditional IT asset management systems were very bulky and usually only accessible on a central desktop from within your office. Modern-day software revolutionises this and stores your data in the cloud, granting you access to it 24/7 and from anywhere in the world.

4. Future-proof your small business for growth

If you’re a small business currently, with fewer than 50 staff and you’ve got only a couple of hundred IT assets, no is actually the best time to start using IT asset management software. This way, you can get your processes established using a small set of assets. This gives you a great deal of control and allows you to tweak your processes where necessary until they are perfected. Then, as you grow, the system will grow with you.

5. Share the burden of IT asset management

We know that asset management can feel like a really challenging prospect. Usually, when we assess a company’s processes, we find that there is one person or one small team responsible for monitoring hundreds or even thousands of assets. When you switch to IT asset management software that can be used by all members of staff your job will become much easier. You can configure the IT system so that the integrity of your records remains intact but so that information on who has your assets, where they are and the condition they’re in can be updated.

6. Monitor asset performance and condition

The most efficient way of monitoring asset condition is to see in real-time any issues or fault reports against individual assets. This way, you will be certain which assets require attention, and you can respond rapidly to anything that is urgent.

7. Ensure your small business is fully compliant 

It’s very straightforward to ensure your business is compliant if you use IT asset management software. Not only do you know who has which assets that contain sensitive data but you can also track where these assets are and who has them, to ensure that they are only in the hands of authorised personnel.

So, what should you do next?

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