The Benefits Of An Equipment Tracking System For The Construction Industry

The Benefits Of An Equipment Tracking System For The Construction Industry

The construction industry is a hugely diverse and ever-changing industry. With each construction site full to the brim with all types of equipment, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. However, when you use an equipment management system it can make a huge difference. The ability to track all of your machinery, tools, equipment, and vehicles can make life on the construction site so much easier.

Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits associated with using a tracking system on your site.

Your Equipment Can Be Located Within Seconds

One of the best things about using an equipment management system is the location detection feature. As long as you have attached an RFID tag or a barcode to your assets you can locate them. A result of this means that your tools are much less likely to get lost. You can always see where everything is located. This could prove to be helpful if a member of your workforce always loses tools. It’s also useful as it can help to prevent theft. 

As soon as each asset has a barcode or an RFID attached to it, the code can be scanned. Once it’s scanned it will automatically create and open up a digital profile for the asset in question. To this profile, you can add as much information as you wish. The more information you add, the better. For example, you could include how much the asset cost, when it was purchased, the model and make, the seller, the warranty and insurance details and much more. In fact, the more information you add, the better. It could allow each member of your workforce to access the information when they need to. For example, usage instructions or warranty information could be useful to have access to. 

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Every Tool Could Last Much Longer

Another really good feature that’s associated with an equipment management system is equipment longevity. Thanks to the fact that many management systems let you set maintenance reminders, longevity is possible. 

When you effectively maintain all of your machinery, tools, vehicles, and anything else it could last longer. Setting up maintenance schedules for all of your tools, etc. can help to reduce costs. When you maintain your machinery it’s less likely to break down. It’s also more likely to help you meet those important deadlines. If this was not enough, a management system could also alert you when it’s time to replace a tool, for example, that may no longer be safe to use. As a result, you could keep your workforce safer.

Your Workforce Becomes More Accountable

Thanks to the way that each management system works, your workforce automatically becomes more accountable. This is because it can be clear who was using which tool. Additionally, as each asset is tracked your workforce members will know where they left something. 

When everyone knows that tools, machinery, etc. are tracked they automatically become more responsible. They’re unlikely to lose anything and this, in turn, means that you could pay less for lost tools. Consequently, you could have more money to buy new machinery, improve workforce conditions, hire more people, and so on. All of this is realistically possible when you use an equipment management system on your construction site.

Maintaining Records Can Be Much Easier

We all know that maintaining records is not always easy. However, not everyone is aware that records can be inaccurate. This is especially the case when records are manually updated and adjusted. While everyone no doubt does the best they can when updating records, mistakes can be made. The good news is that when an equipment management system is used, the maintenance of records can become so much easier. 

Thanks to the way that asset tracking/management systems work, it’s possible to build an accurate asset portfolio. This is because each modern and reliable equipment management system is likely to track the use and movement of your assets. Additionally, it could track your financial data as well as your maintenance records. This means that you could have a much more accurate picture of your business than you thought possible. 

As long as you have added financial information, insurance and warranty details, and started location tracking, the system can begin creating data. When data such as this is created it allows you to see how well your construction business is performing. Some management systems allow you to export data. Data such as this could be printed off or read on a computer. Either way, it can help you to gain a more accurate insight into your business. What this means is that you could potentially make new and better decisions based on real data. 

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