What Asset Tracking Software Does For Your Business

What Asset Tracking Software Does For Your Business

Asset tracking software gives you transparent auditing capabilities, more control over your asset register, and more visibility over who is responsible for which assets.

With asset tracking software, you save time, money, and effort wasted on managing unwieldy or old-fashioned systems. This all provides you with a large ROI that you can spread across your business.

How Your Business Can Use IT Asset Tracking Software

IT Asset Tracking

First and foremost, every business has IT assets, and you need to be able to monitor who is responsible for what. This kind of tracking is critical as, if one of your colleagues hands in their notice, you need to know that you’ve collected the correct assets.

Any great asset tracking software will have the ability to log, manage and view assignees. This means that you can create a record of who is responsible for which of your assets.

Having this record makes reporting simpler, but also makes remote audits more possible as it gives you more visibility and control over where your assets are supposed to be.

Then, if you’re using asset tags, should an asset get misplaced, the only thing you need to do is to scan the tag to view who is responsible for this asset. This alone means you lose fewer assets.

Fixed Asset Management Operations

You can then scale to fixed asset management operations. IT asset tracking is great at showing a proof of concept and some of the ways you can track and manage your assets, but why stop there?

The idea behind asset tracking software is that your existing operations can be simplified and should be, which is why you should use it in as many different departments and as many different ways as possible.

So, why not scale to fixed asset management operations and start tracking your furniture, tools & equipment, fixtures and other assets? This way, you’re simply letting your asset register grow while maintaining a high level of visibility over each of your assets.

Asset tracking software will let you create depreciation reports and monitor how well your assets are performing which, in turn, gives you a return on investment as you can take your asset use further.

Customisable Asset Registers

Another core concept of asset tracking software is customizability. You need to be able to track unique assets and you need to be able to track any different kinds of assets, too.

It’s no use having software that only works with one type of asset as this limits your scalability, deployment potential and, therefore, eats into your potential return on investment.

Therefore, you need the features you use to be streamlined and your asset register to be maintainable, customisable, and, to an extent, automated.

This is how asset tags and app integration can help, too, as a system you can deploy to your colleagues is a system that lets you share the asset tracking burden. Therefore, you need an asset tracking software that has a web portal, but also has an integrated app for onsite edits and management.

itemit’s Asset Tracking Software

itemit’s asset tracking software gives you all of this and more. With itemit, you can monitor asset details, add any type of asset and maintain a visible asset register.

What you do with your asset register is up to you and your business’ needs, but itemit makes a wide range of operations simpler and more automated.

If you’re looking for a fixed or IT asset management system, look no further, and if you’re looking for something that does both, itemit is suitable, too.

This is why itemit is used in countries across the globe for a range of asset tracking needs, from equipment tracking to prop tracking to conservation tools tracking.

To find out more about how itemit’s asset tracking software can save your business time and money, you can fill in the form below to start your 14-day free trial. You can also contact the team at team@itemit.com to learn more.

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