The Future Of Asset Register Management And Emerging Technologies

The Future Of Asset Register Management And Emerging Technologies

Most of us are aware that new technologies are being developed all of the time. With this, comes the realisation that the workplace is changing. How we go about our daily work life tasks can change in such a short space of time. 

But how will managing your asset register change over time? Will emerging technologies influence IT asset management? Let’s take a look.

The Technologies That Are Currently Used

Before we actually look at some emerging technologies, let’s look at those which are currently being used. 

  • GPS – In the world of IT asset management, being able to track your assets is crucial. GPS can help with this. It’s also ideal for those who wish to track vehicles and equipment used outside the office. 
  • RFID tracking – Radio Frequency Identification tracking is often used by small businesses to track assets. It can be very useful as it allows each asset to have an individual barcode. This means it relatively easy to track specific assets 

Now let’s take a look at some emerging technologies.

Business Asset Tracking

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We have all heard about artificial intelligence and even how it could take over the world. However, AI can only do what it has been programmed to do. So, it’s unlikely that a tool that helps to make your IT asset management app run smoother will be looking for world domination. 

The good news and the realistic news is that AI can help in the workplace. For example, you could gain some insights into how your assets are performing and how they are being used. You may even get some updates on each asset’s maintenance status. 

Just think, if one of your trusted machines is undergoing maintenance you could receive updates as to how things are going. Knowing that maintenance may only take a few more days means you could have a clearer idea of when orders will be fulfilled. 

It’s AI-derived information such as this that could help you to make better decisions about how to go about your day-to-day tasks.

QR Codes

In the world of IT asset management, QR codes could prove to be very useful. Scanning the code with a smartphone results in a lot of details appearing on the screen. If you have a lot of similar assets you can scan and see which asset is in front of you and get a lot of information about it. The information will need to have already been added to the asset’s profile, of course. However, this is usually very easy. 

One of the benefits of using QR codes to help you track your assets is that they can be scanned on a smartphone. This is a device that most people already have, which makes QR codes so much easier to access. 

QR codes have already proven to be helpful if you have a lot of assets that need to be checked in and out regularly.

Augmented Reality

Many people now use augmented reality (AR) to help make the games that they play more realistic. Some online stores also use AR, allowing the customer to see if a table they’re considering buying will look good in their home. 

Augmented reality can also prove to be very helpful in the workplace. Users may be able to visualise asset locations and features. This could be beneficial if you need to find an asset but you’re not exactly sure where it is. 

Being able to visualise features can also be very useful if you need to learn something about an asset. Alternatively, the ability to differentiate one asset from the other via AR could prove helpful. As a result, you could find that IT asset management is easier than you think. For example, if you want to give one team laptops that use specific software you can see which laptops are using that software. Within a matter of moments, you could have the answers you need.

Can Asset Register Management Work With Emerging Technologies?

The very quick answer is “Yes it can”. As more and more technologies emerge it’s highly likely that your current IT asset management software will change and develop. Therefore, some of the technologies that we’re only just learning about (AI, for example), are likely to be built into asset register software. Therefore, managing an asset register could potentially be easier than ever before. This means that you could have more control over your assets, and know more about them and where they are than you can currently imagine. 

Creators of IT asset management software are likely to work in earnest to make sure that you always have something powerful and useful to help you track all kinds of assets in the workplace. 

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