what is an asset management system

An asset management system is where you log, monitor, and control your business’ assets, tools and equipment. 

Asset management processes and systems may differ between organisations. A lot of the specifics will depend on the business’ existing processes, the product or service provided, the industry, or the size of the business.


What’s the purpose of asset management?

Depending on your type of business, the reason why you need an asset management system may differ. Here are a few of the most common reasons your business needs to manage its assets.


Track Equipment Location

Whether you want to track equipment between sites, or just see where it is within your building, attaching QR code asset tags to each item allows you to track the location of your assets.

Asset management systems can record the GPS location for your equipment whenever you scan the asset tag with your phone. In addition, you can create hierarchical locations to see which project a piece of kit has been assigned to or which building the asset was last seen in.


Equipment Maintenance Tracking

Managing equipment maintenance schedules is a critical aspect of asset management systems. Tools and equipment, machinery and plant have maintenance, inspection and servicing needs to be met.

Whether it’s a bespoke issues management system, or if it’s creating repeating, routine reminders, an asset management system will allow you to schedule both reactive and routine maintenance.


Equipment Check Out Software

Depending on the type of assets you’re managing, you may also wish to utilise the check in check out aspect of your software. This will let you see at a glance which assets are available.


The itemit Asset Management System

As a solution, itemit has grown around the needs of businesses just like yours. As a result, it provides solutions to many aspects of asset management that you’ll be looking for.


Key functionality available: 


QR Code Asset Tracking

Issues Management

Public Profiles

Reporting Features



Shareability and User Management

Quick Add

Bookings and Check in Check Out

Assign assets to users


We’re always growing and improving from listening to our customers and what you need to make your life easier. If you have a feature request or want to know if itemit’s asset management system will work for you, try it for yourself or contact us. We’re confident itemit will help.

So, no matter what your asset tracking requirements, chances are we’ve worked with a business similar to yours and can offer bespoke advice and support along the way. 

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