An Introduction to Hardware Asset Management

An Introduction to Hardware Asset Management

Here at itemit, we understand the importance of hardware asset management. Managing your assets can help to reduce costs, boost productivity, and help you to track all of your assets. Asset management can ultimately save your company both time and money. Additionally, this form of asset management can be applied to all types of hardware assets.

What is Hardware Asset Management?

Hardware asset management is a way for businesses to have better accountability and transparency. With the ability to assign assets to specific users, this type of asset management can be easily integrated into the working day. In addition to this, asset management can also be used to track an asset’s life cycle.

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A Few Benefits of Hardware Asset Management

Managing hardware assets can seem quite complicated. However, when assets are managed correctly, the process can seem distinctly easy. 

Some of the benefits associated with using itemit’s asset management software include:

The Ability to Add Reminders

Adding reminders allows for routine maintenance to become the norm. For example, it is possible to book PAT tests and schedule regular maintenance. This in itself can help assets to maintain a good state of repair at all times. As a result of this, hardware assets are much more likely to last longer. If this was not enough, when a business has assets that are correctly maintained, the cost of replacement assets is lowered.

The Ability to Report Issues

Should an issue arise with a hardware asset, users of itemit’s software can report it. This can result in the asset being repaired quickly. Not only can this save costs, but it also means there may be more assets available at any one time. Assets that are no longer working as well as they should can be repaired. The number of assets that are out of action falls. team members can, therefore, complete their tasks more efficiently.

Being Able to Retrieve Financial Information

When a hardware asset is entered into itemit’s menus, financial information can also be added. Users can see information such as the asset’s:

  • Purchase price
  • Depreciation value
  • Current value 
  • Estimated resale value
  • Warranty and insurance information 
  • And much more

When it’s possible to quickly access all of the above information it makes understanding a business’s financial position easier. If this was not enough, users can also create customised reports detailing some or all of the above information. The reports can then be exported to the finance department or the relevant team. 

When a business has quick access to such information, it’s easier to see how well the business is performing. Users may also be able to see where improvements can be made. At a touch of a button, the much-needed information can be retrieved and shared. This is not something that many asset management tools can do.

Being Able to Accurately Track Each Asset’s Location

itemit’s hardware asset management tool comes with a huge advantage. It allows users to accurately track each asset’s location. Users can quickly log into the system and see where the assets are at all times. 

As a result, assets can be retrieved easily. In addition to this, it’s possible to track assets as they move between locations. Management can ensure that assets are only ever sent to the correct locations. This means that every team member is more likely to have the tools they need. However, it also means that team members are much more likely to get their tasks completed. 

As you can see, it is possible to use itemit’s hardware asset management software to monitor all of your hardware assets. Businesses of all shapes and sizes can begin to monitor their assets in multiple ways. As a result, more tasks will be completed, costs can be cut, and businesses can become very organised.

Let itemit Help You To Track Your Assets

Here at itemit, we know how important it is for you to track your hardware assets. Our software can make your working day a much easier and more effective one. Businesses everywhere have started to benefit from the features that our software provides. 

You too can make full use of hardware asset management. Talk to our friendly and knowledgeable team today. You can reach them at: Alternatively, you could sign up for a 14-day free trial to find out just how easy and effective it is to track your hardware assets. Fill in the form below to get started and begin to reap the rewards that come with managing your assets.

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